WPML Website Translation


As part of our mission to seamlessly integrate our translation services with practical technological solutions, OHT has teamed up with WPML. This multilingual WordPress plugin allows our customers to translate WordPress websites with advanced translation management features.

Benefits of Translating Your WordPress Website with OHT



WPML gives you the framework to translate any part of your site, from content in pages and posts, to taxonomy and menus. Integrations with WooCommerce and popular SEO plugins mean you can easily translate any kind of site and expand your target market.


Peace of Mind

When you translate your site using WPML and One Hour Translation, you get the same transparency, rapid turnaround time, and high-quality results that we provide to all of our customers. We work together to provide a seamless translation workflow to make managing your multilingual site a breeze.


Reliable Support

OHT provides high- quality website translations for your target market, and our partnership with WPML allows us to provide you with the added benefit of increased tech support. Once your project is running, our partnership with WPML gives you VIP access to developers who are experts in building and maintaining multilingual WordPress websites.

How does it work?

WPML is a multilingual plugin, designed for WordPress websites, that allows you to effortlessly connect with your One Hour Translation account and localize your website in over 120 languages. The installation is simple – no programming or technical skills required. Just follow 4 easy steps:

1. Create a WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account


2. Login to your OHT account

WPML Login

3. Get your API key from your OHT control panel

WPML api keys

4. Insert the key in your WPML

WPML api auth