In a world where Enterprise customers do business in more than one country, it is often essential for content be translated and localized quickly and accurately. 

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One Hour Translation works with the Smartcat computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool to provide a speedy and meticulous translation service for any type of content. With Smartcat, OHT segments content  into strings, making the work easier and much quicker for the translator. An added advantage of localizing your content with OHT’s Smartcat system, is that the translations enter our translation memory, to be reused in subsequent projects, lowering costs in the future. OHT and Smartcat work with a variety of file formats, including PDF, XLIFF and XML.


With over 20,000 native speaking translators in 100 countries working in more than 75 languages and over 3000 language combinations, we are the perfect address for all your localization needs in any industry.