Customers can now manage and track their files using Crowdin TMS while enjoying the high-quality translations provided by One Hour Translation. To use the integration you just need to open an account on each platform and connect them with a few clicks. You don’t need any programming or technical skills! Crowdin lets the customer edit existing files on their system and send them to continued translation. Additional features such as the customer’s ability to upload relevant content, direct communication with OHT’s expert translators and additional QA checks, all lead to higher quality translations. With this exclusive integration, we continue producing great translations with a hassle-free environment for the user. 

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Use Crowdin integration

How does it work?

  1. Create accounts on both One Hour Translation and Crowdin and connect them.
  2. Open a project on Crowdin and in it, create a task.
  3. After choosing the files and the languages that you would like translated you will be able to choose the vendor - One Hour Translation.
  4. The project will open with OHT, and once it’s completed - it will appear on Crowdin.