Get Projects List

GET: /account/projects
Request params
limit(Optional) Limit the amount of projects returned. Default is set to 100 if no limit is provided.
page(Optional) Each page will list the amount of projects specified by the limit parameter. Default is 0 which will return the first set of projects.
sortBy(Optional) id | type | due | expertise
Default is set to "id".
asc - Ascending direction.
desc - Descending direction.
Default is set to descending direction.
If no value was provided will return all projects.
filterByDateFrom(Optional) Time stamp, call will return all projects that were created after this date.
filterByDateTo(Optional) Time stamp, call will return all projects created before this date.
filterByTag(Optional) Filter by tag. Provide a tag name in this parameter to get only the projects with the provided tag.
Response params
projectsCountNumber of found projects.
projectsArray of projects:
idProject ID.
id_prefixProject ID prefix, added to each project.
nameProject name.
typeProject type (translation | transcription | proofreading | combo_translation_proofreading)
  • source_language - Source language name and code.
  • target_language - Target language name and code.
createdTime stamp of project creation date.
  • unit - word | page
  • count - Number of words/pages.
estimationEstimated translation time.
expirationOnce the projects is being translated this field will return a time stamp of project deadline.
  • name - Expertise name.
  • code - Expertise code.
status_summaryCurrent project status.
child_projectIn case of translation + editing project, this field will return editing project id
tagsArray of project tags.
custom_fieldsArray of custom fields.

Request Example

curl --request GET "<SECRET_KEY>&public_key=<PUBLIC_KEY>&limit=25&page=1"

Response Example

    "projectsCount": 167,
    "projects": [
      "id": "287",
      "id_prefix": "SV",
      "name": "Example project",
      "type": "translation",
      "languagePair": {
       "source_language": {
        "name": "English",
        "code": "english"
       "target_language": {
        "name": "Italian",
        "code": "italian"
      "created": 1487515894,
      "volume": {
        "unit": "word",
        "count": "457"
      "estimation": 86400,
      "expiration": false,
      "expertise": {
        "name": "Automotive / Aerospace",
        "code": "automotive-aerospace"
      "status_summary": "PENDING",
      "child_project": [],
      "tags": [
        "tag": "test tag"
        "tag": "test tag 2"
      "custom_fields": []