API Developers Guide

Project > Get Project Details

Fetch project information.

GET: /projects/<project_id>
Request Params


Project ID
Response Params


The unique id of the requested project.


Translation | Expert Translation | Proofreading | Transcription | Translation + Proofreading


Waiting for a translator
Waiting for a proofreader
Being translated
Translation received, proofreading in progress
Translation received
Proofed document received
Dispute submitted


pending | in_progress | submitted | signed | completed | cancelled | disputed | error

  • pending - Project was submitted to OneHourTranslation.
  • in_progress - Translation work in progress.
  • submitted - Translator has uploaded translated file. This does not mean the project is completed.
  • signed - Translator has declered he finished working on the project and all resources have been uploaded.
  • completed - Final state of the project. Project will automatically change state to completed 4 days after translator has signed.


See Language Codes.


See Language Codes.


Parameter Description
sources List of project source files UUIDs.
translations In case of translation project, all translated files UUIDs will be in this field.
proofs In case of proofreading project, all translated files UUIDs will be in this field.
transcriptions In case of transcription project, all translated files UUIDs will be in this field.
results This field returns an array of translated files UUIDs. It doesn't matter what kind of project was submitted, translated files UUIDs will be in this field.
reference In case reference files were provided in the project, this field will have an array of reference files UUIDs.

wordcount | length

Project word count or length in seconds in case of transcription projects.

custom 0..9

This field has all custom fields if any were given.


In case of multiple source files, this field will list all source files UUIDs and their corresponding translated files UUIDs.


Project linguist UUID.


List of all project tags. Empty if none was given.


In case of translation + editing project this field will show editing project ID. This field appears only after translation part of the project is completed.

Request Example

curl --request GET "https://www.onehourtranslation.com/api/2/projects/1847?secret_key=<SECRET_KEY>&public_key=<PUBLIC_KEY>"

Response Example

   "project_status":"Being translated",
   "custom": {
      "api_custom_0": "First custom field",
      "api_custom_1": "Second custom field",
      "api_custom_2": "Third custom field",
   "resource_binding": {
      "rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129": [
      "rsc-527116d8f07a02-60735023": [
      "rsc-52724b2ac6b853-07164235": null,
      "rsc-52724b87972dd9-50051784": null,
   "linguist_uuid": "4bd322c1-eea5-4a02-8390-ea0bd49e9422",
   "tags": [
      "Tag one",
      "Tag two"
   "following_project_id": "2001"