Create Transcription Project

POST: /projects/transcription
Request params
Parameters Description
source_language See Language Codes.
sources Comma separated list of Resource UUIDs. You can create a project with up to 30 resources at a time. For more than 30 resources please create a new project.
reference_resources (optional) Comma separated list of reference resource UUIDs.
length (optional) Integer of seconds, if empty use automatic counting.
notes (optional) Text note that will be shown to translator regarding the new project.
callback_url (optional) See Callbacks section.
custom0..9 (optional) Custom parameters 0...9
name (optional) Name your project. If empty, your project will be named automatically.
tags (optional) Array of tags.
Customer can provide tags when creating a new project.
Provided tag parameter should be an array of strings, an error will be provided otherwise.
The number of tags for each new project is limited to 10 tags.
Response params
Parameters Description
project_id Unique id of the new project created.
length Total length (in seconds) of the new transcription project.
credits New project total worth.

Request Example

curl --request POST
--data "secret_key=<SECRET_KEY>&public_key=<PUBLIC_KEY>&source_language=en-us&sources=rsc-527116d8f07a02-60735025

Response Example