API Developers Guide

Resources > Create Text Resource

Create a new text entity on One Hour Translation.

On success, this method responds with a unique UUID for the created resource. You may use this UUID when creating a new job request such as translation, proofreading, etc.

POST: /resources/text
Request Params


Actual text that will be later used as source text for translation, proofreading or other services. Accepts Unicode charset only.
Response Params

Resource UUID

Use this unique identifier when creating a new job request.

Request Example

curl --request POST https://www.onehourtranslation.com/api/2/resources/text
--data 'secret_key=<SECRET_KEY>&PUBLIC_KEY=<public_key>&text=text resource example'

Response Example

  "results": ["rsc-5270d0fd27aa42-81497198"] ,