Create File Resource

After the resource entity is created, it can be used on job requests such as translation, proofreading, etc.

Read more about supported content formats here.

Notice: This request must be encoded as multipart/form-data for file upload to succeed. Please read here for more information.

POST: /resources/file
Request params

(optional) Replace the original file's name on One Hour Translation.


(optional) Replace the default mime value for the file.


File content to upload, submitted via multipart/form-data request.

Response params
Resource UUID

Use this unique identifier when creating a new job request

Request Example

curl -i -F secret_key=<SECRET_KEY> -F public_key=<PUBLIC_KEY>
-F upload=@/home/user/test.txt

Response Example

  "results": ["rsc-5270f421267822-79952796"],