Add Picture To Project Note

In order to add a picture to the project note please follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the image as resource file before opening the project and save uuid.
  2. When opening the project add reference_resources parameter and paste the uuid of the picture. *
  3. In project notes add [image](resource://<UUID>) to add the picture to the notes.

* If uuid is not in the reference_resources parameter the picture won't be shown.


Here is how it looks like (extends general project submission API request)

Request params



UUID of the picture.


UUID of the picture must be framed like this
[image](resource://< UUID >)



Response params
There no parameters.

Request Example

curl --request POST ""
--data "secret_key=SECRET_KEY&public_key=PUBLIC_KEY&sources=rsc-527116d8f07a02-60735023&source_language=en&target_language=de& notes=[image](resource://rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129)&reference_resources=rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129"

Result Example