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May 2nd, 2016

Earn money by editing Chinese and English translations

One Hour Translation is searching for new English > Chinese Mandarin (Simplified) linguists 

and new Chinese Mandarin > English linguists to join the team.

No previous experience is required! 

If you you're a native Chinese Mandarin speaker or a native English speaker and also knows an excellent Chinese you can join us.

The work is done online and you get paid per sentence reviewed.

Average hourly payment is approx. 6 USD (35 RMB)

- Take advantage of your language skills from the comfort of your home office -


To apply, follow the following steps:

1. Register as a translator here:
You only need to fill the "Account Information" and "Language Skills" tabs.

2. Take this short 10-minutes online English proficiency test
(Please take the 10 minutes PRE-TEST, not the A1 test):

3. Sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement online:

4. Our editors team rep will be in touch with you soon.

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