One Hour Translation Case Study - TopicBay

One Hour Translation Case Study - TopicBay | One Hour Translation
  • What needs was TOPICBAY looking to solve when they were introduced to One Hour Translation? Types of translation, technical challenge, amount of text for translation, text special formatting.

TopicBay searched for an out of the box solution that would allow its customers to quickly and professionally translate articles they purchased on site at an affordable price

  • Did you examine or use One Hour Translation's API based solutions for your translation needs (API, Drupal module, other type of technical integration)?

We will implement the One Hour Translation API in order to seamlessly allow our customers to receive content in other languages

  • What services offered by One Hour Translation are you using (Professional translation, expert translation, proofread, transcription)

Professional translation.

  • Why did TOPICBAY select One Hour Translation over the alternatives?

High correlation with TopicBay’s features –high availability, fast turn-over and high quality.

  • What are the greatest business benefits for TOPICBAY from using One Hour Translation?

We are now able to offer our customers instant translations into dozens of languages, a need many of them have, without the long setup time it takes to build such an operation.

  • Who are the main TOPICBAY personal using One Hour Translation (names/titles)?

Though the adaptation of OHT was done mainly to be used by our clients, some of our own personnel have used the service as well for TopicBay’s site.

  • TOPICBAY people quotations praising One Hour Translation in terms of business benefits, superiority to alternatives, etc.

“TopicBay searched for a service that could complement its onsite services and offer its customers a way to easily and quickly translate articles they purchase through TopicBay at a decent price without compromising on quality. We are now able to offer not only instant article purchases from our vast inventory, but also on-demand translation into dozens of languages at a decent price.” – Roy Peleg, Chief Product Officer
“Offering translation through One Hour Translation contributes to our bottom line. This cooperation could only be achieved with One Hour Translation due to its recognized brand and high performance.” – Lior Sethon, Chief Executive Officer