One Hour Translation case study –

September 11th, 2013
One Hour Translation case study – | One Hour Translation

Since MapAtlas has many types of places and points of interests, each type needed a translation to the supported languages. We found this is not easy, as some landmark don't really exist in all cultures and languages. For example, Mangrove Island is something you will not find in Israel, yet it needed to be translated into Hebrew.  Also, in English there is a difference between swamp, marsh, bog and wetland, but in other languages… sometimes there is only one word. We were happy to see that the One Hour Translation was able to identify this and offered creative solutions that helped us distinguish the different type of places types.


To translate our website we currently use the website but we are exploring the Translation API option as well. To get the best results we use the translation and proofreading option.


We examined a few offline translation companies but we found that price is much higher, time to deliver is slower, and for us, most agencies could not work with all languages we support.


We choose One Hour Translation as it offers a one stop shop for all our translation needs that also offers easy management of the translation process in reasonable price.


By using One hour Translation MapAtlas is able to handle its website translation process in a manner as easy as writing an email. 


Ariel Hochstadt, VP of Marketing at use One Hour Translation frequently to localize the website.


Ariel concludes "I remember working with One Hour Translation while I was working in Google. We had a localization team, but it took us weeks to get things translated and I introduced One Hour Translation, my colleagues did not believe the speed. After leaving Google, I didn't even try looking for alternatives. When something works well for you, you get used to it and you don't want to fail with alternatives."


You can visit for more information on their service