One Hour Translation Case Study - 6WunderKinder

One Hour Translation Case Study - 6WunderKinder | One Hour Translation

What needs was 6WK looking to solve when they were introduced to One Hour Translation? Types of translation (technical, marketing, app localization etc.), technical challenge, amount of text for translation, text special formatting.

We wanted to internationalize our Wunderlist application. We chose around 30 languages to translate to, and to date we have done more than 10 translation projects with One Hour Translation. The majority of text that we need translating is in the .json format, so not only is the text itself very technical, but we require translators to perform a meticulous job and not disrupt any formatting. We found this perfection with One Hour Translation.

Did you interact with the One hour Translation Technical support to implement any technical solution?

I talked closely with One Hour Translation technical support. They were, by far, the most pleasant and efficient technical support team I have dealt with. Not only did they go out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly, they kept in contact with me throughout the translations.

What services offered by One Hour Translation are you using?

Professional translation, with the intention of using Expert in the near future.

Did 6WK evaluate other services before selecting One Hour Translation?

Yes, many.

Why did 6WK select One Hour Translation over the alternatives?

Firstly, your client portfolio and press coverage was incredibly impressive. I contacted many other services, but One Hour Translation offered the best value for money and customer service of them all. The translation management (and the fact that I could keep an eye on every project) was outstanding, and I had true control over every second of our translations.

What are the greatest business benefits for 6WK from using One Hour Translation?

The quality of the translations, the value for money, the technical support and the fact that One Hour Translation do everything in their power to ensure your experience is second to none.

Who are the main 6WK personal using One Hour Translation?

Matthew Bostock
Product Marketing Manager.

Any additional information you would like to provide

If you want text translated, choose One Hour Translation. You will not be disappointed.