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One Hour Translation is considered the fastest professional translation service in the world.
If you have an urgent translation please read first the translation speed section. The fastest
way to get your translation started is simply to submit it directly via the web-site.

Domain Expertise
Big Projects

One Hour Translation is translating large projects such as bids, proposals, manuals, contracts and the likes for medium to large businesses worldwide.

There are 2 main considerations when translating large projects:

1. Maintaining high quality across all files/parts of the project.

2. Meeting the deadline-  In order to meet your deadline and maintain quality we assist by splitting the project between several translators if necessary.  We also evaluate the type of material in order to assign the work to the relevant expert translators Our quality control procedures are implemented across all of the sub-projects, and we also run additional proofreading of the final result to guarantee consistency and coherency of the entire project. You can also refer to the Translation Speed section below to learn more about translation speed.

If any of your source documents are scanned please send them to us so we can count the number of words using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Our sales department will gladly answer any additional question you have; You may reach us via our Contact Form or give us a call at +1-954-396-5402.

Website Translation and Localization
72% of Internet users are not native English speakers, and 80% prefer to buy online in their native language. A professionally translated website is key to reaching international customers and to positioning your business as truly multi-national.

Over 75% of e-commerce is done in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian (these statistics may change due to the ongoing economic crisis in Europe in 2010-2011- 2012).

There are several aspects to consider when localizing your website:
  • The site needs to be localized not just translated, ie adjusted to local language, culture, conventions etc. For example, using the feet and yards in a country where the metric system is in use, will not help your business.
  • There are several ways to translate the text - using direct interface with the site's content management system, using OHT WeST, using direct translation of the XML/ HTML files or by providing the text in Word/ Excel or text file/s.
  • Content Management System integration – We have plug-ins for leading content management systems like Drupal, Word Press, Joomla and others.  These plugins are easy to install and they allow efficient translation process (no need to copy/ paste text) and an easy way to keep the site up-to-date.
  • Translation of XML/HTML files – html and xml pages may be translated directly by simply uploading these files to the system. OHT has an internal XML/HTML editor that will only allow translation of the text without harming the HTML tags or meta data.
  • Translation using Excel or Word files – You may translate your site by copying the text from the site into Excel or Word. In this case we highly recommend providing as much contextual information as possible such as screen-shots, links to the source pages etc. The context is important for the translator to understand what the text is about and translate correctly.

Proofreading the translated site after the translation has been implemented is recommended in order to verify that the translation was integrated correctly, that everything is in context, and that there were no errors.


Legal Translation 

One Hour Translation has a legal translation department that provides legal translation services to law firms in North America, Europe, and the Far East. We specialize in commercial law, corporate law, Patent and Intellectual Property, Tax, International law and translation of certificates.

The translation is performed by our certified expert legal translators that translate legal material to their native language only. Most of the translators live in country, e.g. Japanese translators in Japan and so forth. These principals and our other quality procedures guarantee that your legal translation will be done professionally as if it was written by a native speaking lawyer.

  • Translation of Certificates and other official documents - Our legal translators also translate certificates and official documents typically required by courts, immigration services and other government offices.
  • A note about privacy: all of the translators in our community sign an NDA in order to work with One Hour Translation. Customers are covered back-to-back by our terms and agreement. For certain enterprise customers we sign customer specific NDAs. Please contact our legal department using the Contact Us form.
  • One Hour Translation Certificate – we provide customers with a translation certificate on demand. The One Hour Translation certificate is accepted by US courts nationwide, embassies, immigration services and other official government organizations. Please note that we do not provide notarized translation. For notarized translation you need to go physically to public notary.
  • Our patented real-time review methodology guarantees that you'll get a precise legal translation and a timely delivery.

Other types of documents we translate include: Arbitration • Corporate Law • Criminal Law • Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) Law • Energy, Oil and Gas Law • Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts • Family Law • Franchises • Immigration Law • Insurance Law • Intellectual Property Law • International Law • Labor and Employment Law • Lender Liability • Libel / Slander • Litigation • Medical Malpractice • Mergers & Acquisitions • Patents, Trademark & Copyright • Product Liability • Real Estate Law • Renewable & Alternative Energy Law • Tax law • Workers' Compensation Contracts • Powers of Attorney • Insurance Policies • Deeds & Wills • Immigration Documents • Witness Statements • Articles of Association Laws & Codes of Practice Technical Translation Technical, Engineering, and Scientific.

Please contact us with your specific material and we will gladly help.

Technical, Engineering, Scientific Translation

One Hour Translation has expert translators with diverse engineering backgrounds.

These translators are able to deal with advanced technical material in different fields and translate them in the most accurate way to the target language.

One Hour Translation has specific experience in the fields of:

  • Network hardware
  • Network security
  • Oil engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Homeland security
  • Cellular and telecommunication
  • Patents
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing and production

We translate for many companies in these fields.

Please contact us with your specific material and we will gladly help.

Business Translation

One Hour Translation is focused on business translations and on serving business customers.

Granted, thanks to efficient, web-based, streamlined operations we are also the fastest professional translation service in the world, but we are focused on providing high quality translation for businesses. We have several departments covering a wide range of translation services needed for business.

Our expert translators each specialize in specific fields, like legal, technical, medical etc. to be able to translate any type of material.

Professional translation is done by professional human translators that translate for a living and have the specific background, education and experience to translate the material at hand.
When sending a translation project, please keep in mind that in most cases the translator lives in a different country, and is not as familiar as you are with your product, service, particular field of expertise etc.

The quality of translation greatly improves if you give the translator the correct context, definition of the target audience or target market, glossary or translation memory, previous translations for reference, links to relevant web-pages, screen-shots where applicable, etc. Reference material like this helps the translator understand what the translation is about and what language / terms should be used.

Solid process and procedures to implement the translation also help improve the final translated or localized result. The recommended steps are:

1. Proper preparation of the source material, so it is easy to understand what needs to be translated, what formatting should be used etc. In cases when editable files are available, e.g. MS-Word, we will return the translation in the same format.
2. Prepare the relevant reference material, as specified above.
3. Write clear instructions to the translator/s, so it is easy to understand what needs to be done and what the translation is about.
4. Define integration process for the translated material so there are no errors in the process of copying the translation to where it needs to be.
5. Perform additional proofreading where needed, for example, when localizing web-sites or applications, so the proofreader can see what the final result looks like.
6, Provide feedback.

SW Localization

Application Translation and Localization

One Hour Translation provides application localization services to thousands of iPhone and Android application developers.

Our experience shows that having a clear localization plan guarantees smooth process and high quality translation.

Prepare the material to be translated; we support all common file types using our Translator's Workbench, including Resource files, PO files, XLIFF, XML etc. For a complete list of supported file types please click here.

Create screenshots of the English source if possible.

Upload a translation project/s (taking into account translation time – see below).

When ready integrate the translation into the application.

Perform additional proofreading with independent translator who checks to see if there are any errors resulting from the integration.

Step 5 above is highly recommended in order to make sure no part was "lost in translation".

We also have full featured API that can simplify the whole process and is easy to implement. You may read more on the Translation API page.

We will gladly help, you may contact us via our contact page.

Translation Technologies

One Hour Translation was built to provide professional translation services using the Internet to streamline the operation and reduce costs.

As such, we leverage advanced technologies to be able to serve business customers quickly and efficiently:

  • Translation API - We have a fully featured translation API that lets high volume customers send projects for translation directly from their systems, and not via email or the web-site. The API is quick and easy to implement and has complete testing environment. To read more about our API and request API keys please click here.
  • TransBox – Translation from the Inbox – Many of our multi-national customers need to provide email based support to their users from all over the world. Instead of keeping in-house huge multi-lingual teams these customers uses TransBox. TransBox allows easy translation of any email from any language to English by simply sending the email to the support representative can then answer the email in English and send it back for translation to the target language, e.g. “”. This is a quick and easy way to communicate with customers in their native language. Turn-around time for standard emails is approx. 3-4 hours. Read more here.
  • WeST™ – Website translation – an innovative, easy and efficient way to translate any website either using machine translation or using One Hour Translation professional human translators. WeST fits any website, you can read more here.
  • CMS Integration – One Hour Translation has plugins to common Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. The OHT CMS Plugins allow websites owners that use these popular systems to quickly and easily translate their content and keep it up-to-date. You can read more about Drupal here and WordPress here.
  • Translator's Workbench - An advanced, web-based, translation environment that supports wide range of file types (click here for the complete list), translation memory, glossary and other features to provide better translation quality and efficiency. 
  • MLFT – Multi-Lingual-Feedback-Tab – MLFT allows web-site owners to add a free feedback tab that’s lets users of these sites see a feedback form in their language and send them feedback in any language. MLFT is fully customizable and you can read more about it here.
  • MTD – Machine Translator Detector a.k.a Is It Google – As part of the quality control procedures we implement One Hour Translation developed machine translator detector that calculates in real time the probability a given translation was done by a computer (e.g. Google Translate). Go to to try it.
  • Free Word Counter – One Hour Translation offers a free word counter as a service to the community. You may use the word counter here.
  • Compliments - Just for fun mobile application - You are welcome to download Compliments from Google Play and start complementing.

We have other exciting developments in the pipeline. One Hour Translation is a technology driven company in addition to being the largest professional translation service online.

Audio / Video Translation and Transcription

We translate and transcribe recorded material, audio and video and provide subtitles at no additional cost.

You may transcribe the video / audio first, get the script and send it to translation, or if the script is not required you may send the audio/ video to translation directly.

To start a transcription project simply select transcription from our home page. The cost of transcription is based on the video/ audio length in minutes.

To translate directly from audio/ video simply open a translation project, upload the source file or enter a link to it.

The cost is calculated according to 200 words / min. Meaning a 5 min. video will cost as 5x200 = 1000 words translation. In this case, the translator will view the video or listen to the audio and will translate directly without producing transcription of the source.

You may also ask the translator or the transcriber to produce a subtitles file (SRT file).

Simply add the request in the Note to the Translator/ Transcriber.

If your video is available on YouTube or other popular video hosting platforms you may use Universal Subtitles or similar services to edit / sync the translated SRT file free of charge.

Marketing Translation

There are many stories about translation fiascos that embarrassed large well-known companies.

Translation and localization is not just about translating the content to the target language, it is also about understanding the content and conveying the message to the target audience in the most accurate and efficient way. This is especially true with translation of marketing material.

Translation of marketing material is one of the most challenging translation services because the translator is often required to do some copy-writing and adjust the message to match the target local market. For example, expressions like “The whole 9 yards” or “Hit a home-run” cannot be translated directly to countries where football and baseball are not common.

One Hour Translation has expert marketing translators who live in-county, ie Japanese translators live in Japan and so forth. They know how to adjust the material to their local market and to the local target audience.

When sending marketing material for translation please specify in the Note to the Translator the context for the translation (e.g. launch of a new product), who is the target audience, what language should be used (formal/ informal), is the translation going to be used as script for a video/audio recording.

Please share other reference material like links to relevant web-pages describing the product or service, previous translations, glossary or translation memory and any other relevant information.

You may also ask the translator to use “free style” translation and adjust the message to his local country/ language. Providing the appropriate information and background will help the translator adjust to your requirements.

Another advantage of One Hour Translation is that you see who your translator is and can request to work with the same translator in the future. Some customers prefer to work with certain translators and some with others.

A translator who is familiar with your material, style and business requirements will improve over time.

We also provide expert Adwords translation which is relevant to any format that limits the number of characters the translator can use. In these projects the translators have to be very creative in order to get the original message across.

The same is true for any type of translation where there is character limit like for banners, mobile applications, software GUI etc. In these cases we highly recommend that you do not use-up all of the characters in English because many languages are longer.

Quick Overview

Why Use Translation Service?

  • In general there are 3 different types of translation/ translators:
  • Professional business translation performed by certified professional translators.
  • Human translation done by people who know the language, but are not professional translators and may not be native speakers.
  • Machine translation, like Google Translate, done by computers.

Success Stories

One Hour Translation serves over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses all over the world, from individual application developers and family businesses to big corporations and organizations like Google and The US Army.

Please click the video above or go to our testimonials page to hear what our customers say about us.

The Advantage


  1. Professional translation is best for business; professional human translators understand the text and convey the message correctly.
  2. The disadvantages - Translation time (around 200 words an hour) and cost (between $0.1 and $0.75 per word).
  3. Human translation - ideal for simple text (e.g. movie sub-titles)
  4. The disadvantages – Translation time, Not suitable for business material (e.g. contracts, technical material etc.), more expensive than machine translation.
  5. Machine translation – good for general understanding of simple text. Free for short text, inexpensive for longer text.
  6. The disadvantages – low quality, inability to deal with complex text.

Human vs. Machine

One Hour Translation only uses professional human translators.

All of the translators are certified translators that translate for a living, and they only translate to their native language.

Machine translation solutions, like Google Translate, are constantly improving. These tools are great in order to get a general understanding of simple text. Using machine translation for business can lead to very awkward results.

To see for yourself, simply copy any paragraph from any newspaper, translate it to other language, e.g. Chinese or Japanese, copy the result and translate it back to your language.

Businesses that care about their reputation and would like to retain their customers only use professional human translation.

Common Questions


Translation time is key in many business situations.

One Hour Translation is considered the fastest professional translation service in the world.

Translation time consists of Lead time, The actual translation time, Translator's focus (one project at a time or many), and the Number of translators working in parallel.

At One Hour Translation-

  • Lead time - Translation typically starts within an hour during business hours where the translator lives.
    All of our translators are native speakers of the target language, i.e. most Japanese translators live in Japan and so forth.
  • Translation time - A single professional translator translates about 200 words an hour, and 2000 words a day (this is a cross-industry human average).
  • Focus - At One Hour Translation a translator is focused on one project at a time only.

Commitment to deadline -
Once started, a countdown timer shows exactly when the translation will be received.

Working in parallel -
We have the capacity to split large projects between several translators
that work in parallel to get the translation done faster (there are quality considerations of course).


Get instant Quote now -
Simply enter the number of words you need
and select Expert translation if needed in our instant quote page.
We have a transparent discount policy.
The discount is displayed as part of the quote based on the number of words purchased.
If you need a formal quote please contact us via our contact form.
We charge a fixed price of $0.07 per source word for general professional translation
to any one of the 60 languages we support,
and $0.14 per word for expert translation, e.g. legal, medical to any language.
We do NOT charge extra for project management, urgent translations,
nights/weekends, uncommon languages etc.


Translation quality, is the most important thing to us!

We guarantee top quality translation using different means:
Translators screening -

*all translators are professionals that translate for a living and only translate to their native language.

*Translators are tested and manually screened before joining our translators' community.

*We follow each and every translator after each and every project and collect dozens of different parameters to monitor quality.

Real Time Reviews -

*our unique patented quality assurance system - CQR - Collective Quality Reviews.

*With CQR each translation is reviewed and rated in real-time by several reviewers at no additional cost. If there are quality issues we get involved.

Customer ratings -

*Many of the projects are rated by the customers.

*We take that rating into account as well.

Sophisticated allocation system -

*our proprietary allocation system guarantees optimal translator allocation for each and every project/ customer.

Human only

One Hour Translation has over 15,000 professional human translators. The translators translate to their native language only, and most of them live in country, i.e. Japanese translators live in Japan and so forth.

Customers see who is the translator working on their project, including her/his experience and credentials.

The customer and the translator can communicate directly using a discussion board on the project page to answer questions, clarify issues etc.

Enterprise customers can pick specific translators they like to work with.

By selecting specific translators the translation quality improves over time as the translators become more familiar with the customer and their specific material.

All of the translators are professionals that translate for a living. Our translators support department manually examines each and every translator that joins our translators’ community.

Translators take a translation exam, and we check background, experience, references, education and certificates.

Once a translator is certified and starts translating, our quality control department follows each and every project using both manual and automated means in order to detect if there are quality issues.

Enterprise customers choose One Hour Translation professional human translators.

Supported languages

One Hour Translation supports over 73 language and over 2000 language pairs.

The languages we support are:











Chinese Cantonese

Chinese Mandarin
Simplified/ Traditional








Farsi/ Persian


Flemish (Belgian)


French Canadian





Haitian Creole

Hebrew / Ivrit (Israel)





Irish Gaelic


















Portuguese Brazil

Portuguese Portugal



Scottish Gaelic



Slovenian (Slovene)


Spanish Latin-America












All translators are native speakers of the language they translate to.

We can translate to English from any language we support, and we can translate from English to any language we support.

If the required language pair is not supported you may translate via English. We add languages on regular basis per customers demand.

To view supported file types please click here.

A few interesting facts about languages:

  • 80% of e-commerce is done in 8 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and Korean.
  • 50 languages cover 95% of the people connected to the Internet.
  • 80 languages cover over 90% of the living world population.
  • There are about 7000 known languages in the world.

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