Is your app ready to cross the language barrier?

By royis
Mar 30, 2015 · 3 min

App localization offers the benefits of easy to understand content, in one’s native language.

Is your app ready to cross the language barrier? | One Hour Translation

Reeling in Customers by Talking Their Language

Any business serious about its operations is thinking about how to attract customers from all four corners of the globe. This may appear to be an insuperable challenge, but a little guidance certainly goes a long way towards boosting profitability, and drilling deeper into multiple target markets. Once you successfully cross that language barrier, you’re in fresh new waters. Luckily, there are ways to bring a local flavor to e-Commerce websites via their mobile apps. By talking the talk and walking the walk, e-Commerce sites can really resonate with everyone who accesses them.

The mobile market is the fastest growing sector of e-Commerce, with more people on their iOS and Android smartphones/tablets emerging every day. The mobile sector is a hive of activity and catering to all these people is an absolute necessity for businesses. Mobile-friendly versions of websites are all the rage; apps are freely available on site, at the Google Play Store or the App Store.It should be remembered that merely featuring a mobile option is insufficient: The mobile option needs to be optimized for the target market – wherever that may be. App developers today can breathe a collective sigh of relief since the language barrier has been vanquished and customized apps are readily available. 

Get the Facts for Your Number Crunching App-etite

That said, we need to take a look at some figures to understand the place app-localization is taking these days. Recently, One Hour Translation (OHT) in concert with Google Consumer Surveys conducted an international survey with 8 countries (Italy, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom). Surprisingly, only 49.69% of folks have all their mobile apps featured in their own language. The figure for the Netherlands was so much lower than the mean – 14%. This shows that app-localization has not yet become an industry standard.

Viewed from a different perspective, there is plenty to be gained by optimizing the app experience by way of localization. Companies that localize have a strategic advantage over those that don’t. A follow-up survey from the same 8 countries reflects that people are increasingly seeking apps in their home language. 23.60% of respondents want news apps and 24.47% of respondents are looking for more game apps. This information justifies what so many businesses are already doing. It also confirms that the future of e-Commerce rests with mobile apps.

Translation Services Make It Easy To Customize Content

Apps can instantly be translated into different languages and the cost is negligible given the long-term benefits and the overall development costs that go into it. For folks who are a little reluctant to go all-in with expertly-translated apps, there really is no reason for pause. It has become increasingly popular to get apps translated quickly and professionally. The entire process can be completed in double-quick time and the outcome is an enticing, effective and converting app. Once you have successfully crossed that language barrier, you are in the zone. Customers in that specific target market will be able to interact with the website in the same way that the original website interacts with its consumers – on a personal level.

The World is a Global Village & It’s Getting Smaller

Viewed in perspective, it is clear that localized content is the answer that so many companies have long been searching for. All too often businesses make the mistake of thinking that perfecting the primary language of their website is all that’s required for business success. As we can now see, the world is a global village and boundaries between us are shrinking all the time. By tapping into the rich potential that each target market has to offer – vis-à-vis localization – it’s entirely possible to develop a loyal following that transcends international borders, languages and cultures! 

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