Your Account Manager Must Be Multicultural

By Stacey
Oct 25, 2015 · 2 min

It’s the Account Manager’s job to deal with clients from around the globe who are enquiring about translation services for various types of industries.

Your Account Manager Must Be Multicultural | One Hour Translation

It’s the Account Manager’s job to deal with clients from around the globe who are enquiring about translation services for various types of industries. This contact can be either by phone or email, and the diversity of such clients requires that the Account Manager understands the differences between clients, or at least acknowledge that there are differences, like language barriers, cultural differences, or differences in business etiquette. Obviously the Account Manager is not able to read their clients’ body language, so it’s very important that they stay true to certain guidelines, ensuring that they are successful in both selling translation projects and providing excellent customer service.

Some important guidelines to follow include –

  • Acknowledging that there are differences in values and cultures is very important in today’s very diverse business environment. We must understand not only that cultural differences exist; we must also respect those differences. Failure to do so could well lose the agency a valuable translation client.
  • Avoid cultural barriers by adapting to your clients writing and/or speaking skills when talking or writing to a non-native English speaker. This will avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. Ensure that you speak slower so that your client knows you are not disrespecting them: it also gives your client a chance to understand what you are saying.
  • As an Account Manager you should also be a good listener, because it’s vital that you understand completely what your client is asking for. Is your client requesting a fast turnaround time, a high quality translation, or is the main driver for this project the total cost?
  • Almost every country has its own business etiquette, so it’s very important that you have a basic understanding of business etiquette principles. Account Managers should ensure they understand business etiquette when it comes to phone conversations, particularly when dealing with unhappy clients where empathy is key.

We are all human beings seeking acknowledgement and respect, and in order to be successful in the business world and enjoy pleasure and fulfilment from your work, respect, tolerance and an open mind-set are vitally important in a multicultural business environment.

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