Why Menus in Hotel Restaurants Should Be Translated - Part 2

By Stacey
Aug 17, 2016 · 3 min

If a customer is confused about what meal to select and order, they’re more likely to complain.

Why Menus in Hotel Restaurants Should Be Translated - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

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It Means Fewer Complaints and Misunderstandings

If a foreign customer is confused about what meal to select and order, they’re more likely to complain about the food they receive and the restaurant service in general. Complaints and misunderstandings are unpleasant for both the customers and the restaurant staff, and create a general feeling of unease throughout the restaurant. Today’s travelers are quite happy to leave reviews online, both negative and positive, and we all know that negative reviews can have a terrible impact on a restaurant. Many travelers will check the online reviews of a restaurant prior to making a booking, so if the menu has not been translated and customers are frustrated and confused, then the tourists will look for someone else to eat.

Restaurants Must Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Today’s tourists are a demanding lot! Not only do they expect a hotel and its restaurant services to be of a very high standard, they also expect to be able to understand the menu when presented with one. Tourism is an extremely competitive industry today, and if a restaurant fails to meet its customers’ expectations, then they’ll very quickly be facing customer dissatisfaction; which ultimately leads to a lack of customers.

It Increases Hotel Revenue

If a hotel’s restaurant uses menus that have not been translated into languages that their foreign customers can understand, it will lead to a smaller customer base, terrible first impressions, customer confusion, misunderstandings, and customer dissatisfaction; all of which translate to potential customers deciding to dine in other restaurants and decreasing the hotel’s revenue. Yes, there will be a small investment to make in having menus translated into different languages, but the outlay will be very small when compared to the increase in revenue which will be achieved when offering top-quality services to foreign travelers. Don’t look for the cheapest translation for your menus because this is a very important aspect of customer satisfaction: hire a professional translation expert to complete this task for you and you’ll quickly see that this money was well spent.

It Will Improve the Reputation of the Hotel and the Restaurant

As mentioned before, travelers love to use the Internet and share their travel experiences with anyone who’s interested. If a tourist has had a negative experience, then this poses a very serious threat to the reputation of that service provider because, count to 10 and the negative review will be online for all to see. Unfortunately, if a diner has had a negative experience in a hotel restaurant, it will not only hurt the reputation of the restaurant, it will also severely damage the reputation of the hotel, because the diner will not distinguish between the restaurant and the hotel – their online review will show a negative experience for both!

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