Why Menus in Hotel Restaurants Should Be Translated - Part 1

By Stacey
Aug 17, 2016 · 2 min

Today, people are travelling more often and further away from their homes than ever before.

Why Menus in Hotel Restaurants Should Be Translated - Part 1 | One Hour Translation

Today, people are traveling more often and further away from their homes than ever before. There are a few reasons for this, including globalization, competitive airfares, a higher standard of living across the world, competitive accommodation prices, and today’s modern tourist agencies who can quickly organize every aspect of a trip or holiday to ensure a traveler’s safety and comfort. Of course, all this extensive travel means that many travelers don’t understand the languages of the countries they’re traveling to, and this can be a very stressful issue for many tourists.

One of the more frustrating experiences for travelers is ordering food in restaurants in a new country. When you think about it, the restaurant’s menu is the basis of communication between the restaurant and its customers, so today we’re seeing more restaurants offering menus to their customers that have been translated into various languages. Below we’ve listed the main reasons why hotel restaurants should have their menus translated –

It Creates a Great First Impression

The first thing customers do when they’re seated in a restaurant is to pick up the menu. If you’re in a foreign country and you pick up a menu that’s been translated, it’s a huge sense of relief for customers, and it immediately builds trust. In fact, a translated menu can often be the reason people choose a certain hotel restaurant over others. Of course, it’s not just a matter of translating the menu; it must be a good translation completed by a professional translator because a bad translation can only lead to lost credibility.

It’s the Perfect Way to Expand Your Customer Base

Data from the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom shows that more than 30 million people visit the UK each year and that foreigners spend more than 200 million nights in the UK. So it’s clear to see the huge potential for attracting foreign customers. The simple act of providing menus in hotels that have been translated into various languages can go a long way towards expanding a hotel’s customer base.

It Stops Customer Confusion

Most travelers have experienced the frustration of eating in restaurants where the menu is only written in the native language. A few travelers may understand the local language, but very few will be familiar with the local specialties, so selecting and ordering meals creates a lot of stress and confusion. Confused and stressed customers are not happy customers!

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