Why Charity Is Good for Business

By Stacey
Sep 21, 2012 · 2 min

Charity can be a difficult aspect of your life to manage.

Why Charity Is Good for Business

It gets harder for businesses. Businesses suffer from cash flow problems just as we do, of course – but one thing I do know from my own experiences working in corporate arenas is that supporting charitable causes is good for business. Very good.

Networking is Networking

First of all, there is simply no better way to interact with your customer base and advertise yourself than to support a charitable event, organizing, or fund drive. I’m not discussing simply donating some money, but rather getting involved, allowing your employees to organize and implement an event – like The Corporate Challenge, for example, or something more ambitious. It allows you and your employees to interact with a wide variety of people, many of whom will be potential customers, in a way that is both relaxed and fun and that also burnishes your image.

It’s also a great way to meet and interact with your competitors in a friendly way. Just because you’re seeking out the same market doesn’t mean you can’t learn from each other, and the atmosphere of generosity and mutual support that a charitable event encourages is the perfect place to meet and greet.

Internal Morale Never Higher

Getting involved in charitable events and programs also gives your employees something to rally around, fostering a team spirit. When I was a kid in school, we were constantly encouraged to take part in after school activities. Those of us who did formed tight bonds of friendship and became involved in our school community; those who didn’t, didn’t. The same happens at the workplace: If you give your employees the freedom to take some time and energy and put it towards a good cause, they will forge a community within the office that in turn supports the company! It will make your workers feel good about working for you.

Not all charitable work is simply giving money. Sometimes it’s just having the flexibility of thought to give your workers the go-ahead to get involved, even if it’s on company time. Next time you have an opportunity to get involved with a charitable organization, I urge you to do so – both for the good cause and for your own bottom line!

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