What Can Make You Invisible on the Internet

By Stacey
Mar 17, 2014 · 3 min

Building a great website doesn’t guarantee that anyone will see it. For that you have to invest some time and energy.

What Can Make You Invisible on the Internet | One Hour Translation

Having your own web site, whether as an individual or for your business, is nothing new these days. Kids have their own web sites, and many companies have web sites before they actually have any products or even employees. Creating a web site is so easy, there’s literally no excuse for not having one these days, especially if you’ve got a business to promote. And, honestly, I’d be surprised to find anyone disagreeing with me.

I’ve had a web site for my own translation services business for a decade now, and there’s one curious thing I’ve seen: Plenty of people seem happy to let their web sites be invisible.

An Object Invisible Tends to Stay Invisible

The natural state of every website is invisible, in fact. Simply creating a website doesn’t do much to promote that site or get it out to the potential customers, readers, or visitors it might garner. Whether your website is meant to attract a few fellow travellers interested in a hobby, potential customers, or readers of your thoughts and written essays, the worst mistake you can make is to assume that simply having a web site is all you have to do to make sure that it gets seen. The simple fact is, if you don’t work at it, your web site will remain undiscovered.

Common Website Mistakes

The most common mistakes I’ve seen, with both translation websites and other industries, are

  • Poor URL. The name you choose as your domain name should be easy to remember, easy to read, and relevant to whatever it is you’re trying to make people aware of. URLs that can be easily mis-read or that have nothing to do with your company or branding are guaranteed to get lost in the shuffle.


  • Stale Content. You may have once gotten away with a static web page with a lot of keyword-stuffing to attract Google, but today Google looks for content, and so do your potential site visitors. If you don’t want your site to be invisible, you have to freshen it up on a regular basis – ideally a few times a week.


  • Using Generic Email. Yes, Gmail is a wonderful thing – but using your Gmail account or other generic web-based account means that no one can identify your website from your emails. Setting up a bespoke email account that uses your domain is a bit of work, but it’s well worth it in the free and passive promotion it gives your site.


  • Paying for Proper Hosting. Is your website always available? Or do you notice it’s missing sometimes, often for days? Paying for good hosting for your site is a worthy investment. All it takes is for a potential customer to get one 404 Not Found message for them to assume you’re not worth their time – or money

Don’t let your website sink into obscurity! You spent time on it. Make sure it gets seen.

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