Translation related iPhone apps – III

By Slava
Aug 10, 2010 · 2 min
We review three more popular translation related iPhone apps here below viz. the Oxford Translator Travel Pro, Linguo and Bd Translator in continuation of earlier blogs on the same topic. These apps are mainly useful for business / leisure travelers looking for some handy phrases in foreign tongues and can not be used in place of service from professional translation agencies.The Oxford Translator Travel ProThis iPhone app covers five languages viz. French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin. Each app costs $10 per language. Oxford Translator is more than just a translation app; it also introduces the user to a new language. It teaches how to put together a sentence in the new language and is more of an interactive teaching tool. Audio is also provided like other translation tools but the quality is not something to rave about. Having only 5 languages is an obvious limitation but probably more languages would be added in future. These apps cover all the common travel categories like food, accommodation, conversation etc. and make a distinction with other commercially available tools in helping a novice user learn a new language. A free trial can be downloaded from the website before deciding to buy a full fledged product.Linguo Linguo is an iPhone app created by Edovia Inc. It costs $2.99. It has 400 preset phrases in 4 languages viz. French, Spanish, German, and Italian along with audio clip for each. It can store translations for future use and has custom translations in 20 languages. It has simple user interface and the translations can be reversed by just a simple click. As with all machine translations, the translations may not be 100% accurate and is more useful for casual conversations in a foreign land rather than for rigorous translation of complex sentences that only a professional translation agency can provide.Bd TranslatorThis iPhone app created by Bad Dog Applications can translate words and phrases in 16 different languages to those of any other language i.e. 2 way translation. The package costs $4.99 and can save user defined translation of 250 commonly used phrases. The GUI is not very user friendly as searching for phrases is a bit tedious and the app requires internet connection for operation. Thus when used in foreign countries it may entail roaming charges which is an additional expense. Another negative point is that there is no audio clip of the translated phrases. We will discuss some more iPhone apps related to translation in subsequent blogs.

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

The translation industry is a relatively small one but it’s also a highly competitive one. Basically, do your research on a translation agency prior to making initial contact and it will certainly pay off; perhaps not immediately because there may not be any work available at the time, so just be patient. Your application must stand out above the rest, and by following these simple steps you should have no problem whatsoever in achieving your translation goals.