Translation related Android applications -- II

By Slava
Aug 8, 2010 · 2 min
We review three more translation related Android apps viz. ConveyThis Translator, Trippo Monde Voice Translator, and Google Goggle in this blog. They would be found useful by frequent travelers in foreign countries. For quality translation of your own Android App you have to contact professional translation services.ConveyThis TranslatorConveyThis is a translation app developed for mobile devices running on Android platform. It was originally developed for translating web pages instantly by placing a widget on them. It can be freely downloaded from the Android Market (listed under Communication applications) and installed using the online instructions. ConveyThis can translate words and phrases from and into forty languages and there is audio option available through the ‘Play’ button. The source language can also be ‘auto detected’ by the app. The application is powered by Google and Eyes Free.Trippo Mondo Voice TranslatorThis free Android app can handle translations in 28 languages with voice support (marked *) in 15 of them. The languages are English*, Spanish*, French*, German*, Italian*, Japanese*, Russian*, Dutch*, Portuguese*, Greek*, Arabic, Urdu, Simple and Traditional Chinese*, Hindi*, Bulgarian, Danish, Thai*, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish*, Pashto, Romanian, Somali, Serbian, and Hausa. The app also supports SMS/Email and text-to-speech translation, and can be used a language learning tool. The translations can be shared through SMS, email and tweet. Though not 100% accurate, this app will however be found useful while traveling. .Google GoggleThis is a novel Android app that uses optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to identify words in photos etc. and then translate them into a language of our choice! Here is how this app works: Point the phone’s camera at the word or phrase like in a hotel menu etc. You can draw a box around specific words of interest using the region of interest button. Press the shutter button of the camera and Google gives you the option to translate the captured text by selecting the source and target languages. In addition to text, Google Goggle can also identify images, barcodes, logos etc. They can be used to find location, shopping etc. Currently the version 1.1 running on Android 1.6 or higher can do English to Spanish translation and also in 3 other languages viz. French, Italian and German and supports only Latin based characters. Work is under way to include non Latin based languages like Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi etc. and also improve the quality of optical recognition and translation. This free app can be downloaded from the Android Market.

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

The translation industry is a relatively small one but it’s also a highly competitive one. Basically, do your research on a translation agency prior to making initial contact and it will certainly pay off; perhaps not immediately because there may not be any work available at the time, so just be patient. Your application must stand out above the rest, and by following these simple steps you should have no problem whatsoever in achieving your translation goals.