Translation and Social Gaming

By Slava
Nov 27, 2009 · 3 min

In this new era of Gaming and Social Networking, the world seems to have shrunk to a great extent. Games, especially the ones hosted by Social Networking Sites have brought people from all over the world together on one platform. However, there is one barrier that still plays its role in between this connection and that is the language barrier. World over, various regional and national languages are spoken and all these languages are not available on these Social Networking Sites. Due to this, many people are left untouched from this Social Gaming Revolution. If these linguistic barriers are broken, all the age groups and ethnic groups would come together at a level, never reached before in the history of Social Gaming. Gaming is a concept that is known to interest all from ages. When the term ‘Social Gaming’ came into being, everyone expected a big boom in this media. And the same thing happened. When Social Networking Sites introduced Social Gaming in the few most spoken languages of the world, there were a number of individuals, who came together to make this concept a huge success. They played on, compared scores, competed with each other, made friends and thus, connected with each other. This connection brought the worlds of the world together, bringing about a social change in the society. When you are competing with someone over the internet, you just know that the person by his capability of playing the game, not by his or her name, religion, caste or anything else. That person is just a healthy competition to you or may be a budding friend. Prior to knowing that person by name, you begin knowing him. This is the magic of Social Gaming. It helps remove all social barriers and the world emerges out as one. Thus, if these games are translated into more and more languages and brought down to the world, the phenomenal unity will be something to see. The kind of Translation, which is required by Social Gaming Websites, is no less than an art. It has to be a word-to-word meaningful translation so that the game sets at the same level in everyone’s minds, leaving no confusions for anyone. Everything has to be done systematically to make this concept a huge success worldwide. For translation of such Social Games on the widespread linguistic lines, professional translators are required. They are people, who are language experts. Such Social Games not only need mere translation, but what also is required is a meaningful translation so that the people totally get involved into these gaming ventures. The translation of these games to such an extent would mean the involvement of oodles of people and such a mass involvement would fetch great amount of revenue for the Social Gaming Industry. Another industry that would derive benefits out of this concept is the Translation Industry as Professional Translators would be in huge demand: Benefits for Social Gaming and Translation Industry, as well as Social Unity all over. Isn’t this concept a must??

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

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