Translating American e-commerce websites into spanish

By Slava
Oct 30, 2011 · 3 min

Diversity is widely embraced in the business sector. This singular reality has a dramatic effect on the goal-driven culture of international business practices. And when it comes to American e-commerce websites, there are many potential target markets. North America is built on an agglomeration of cultures, replete with people possessing multiple skills, talents and abilities.  None has had as dramatic an effect on the success of the country as the Hispanic community. These people include people from Latin America, although historically the word was denoted to describe inhabitants of Spain and Portugal. As the American economic empire continues to grind its way towards success, there is a growing need among the Hispanic community to access information in order to become successful. Many leading American e-commerce websites are gradually making bilingual versions of their material available, but the pace desperately needs to be picked up. In this vein, it is now the overarching desire of businesses to be creating Spanish version of American e-commerce websites for the Hispanic community. Superior Services for Users E-Commerce refers to the purchasing and sales of services and products over the Internet, along with other computerized networks. These include usage of electronic payments systems in restaurant, stores and the like. But the true value of e-commerce lies in its potential as a game changer in today’s economy. Few industries are as busy and as lucrative in North America as the e-commerce sector. This sector also involves the processes inherent in marketing, buying, selling and delivering products and services. Successful management of e-commerce activity in North America necessitates the correct actions with regards to supply chain management, electronic data exchange and online transactions processing. The aforementioned actions, services and activities can be shared with a thriving base of business-minded enthusiasts, courtesy of superior Spanish-language services for the Hispanic community. Large Growth Reflects Burgeoning Need for Superior Spanish E-Commerce Activity The growth of the Hispanic market in respect of e-commerce in North America is nothing short of astounding. There are millions upon millions of Hispanic people, spread out in communities across America. The buying power of these groups of people is significant and there is a growing demand among the Hispanic communities to shop online. The majority of e-commerce taking place from within this sector takes place at the bigger brands; however there is a growing awareness amongst the Hispanic community to participate in online commercial activity. This is occurring with increasing alacrity.  Comprehensive surveys that have been undertaken have concluded that many Spanish-speaking people prefer English websites over Spanish websites. This however is due to the inferior quality of the 'translation services' However it is entirely possible and feasible to create a product that is conducive to high quality e-commerce websites for the Hispanic community. The Hispanic community has shown tremendous interest in becoming more actively involved in e-commerce and related activities. There are multiple avenues to explore in this regard, including the following:

  • The adoption of mobile commerce product offerings.
  • Electronic sales through kiosks and the like.
  • Working with digital technology.

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