The Traits of a Good Chinese Translation Service

By Slava
Jul 9, 2009 · 2 min

Chinese translation service is no doubt one of the most in demand nowadays. This is probably because the language is complex. Nonetheless, Chinese translation service is essential to many ventures. Those who seek professional translation of documents from Chinese to English or English to Chinese or even Chinese to other languages must be aware, however, of the difficulty of this task. That's why you need to regard a whole lot of things when choosing your translator or the translation service you will be giving work to. Here are some pointers on what a good Chinese translator who deserves your trust must be like:

  • The Chinese translator must be a native speaker of the specific Chinese dialect you're interested in. For instance, Mandarin and Cantonese are as different as French and German. Although many Mandarin translators are also familiar with Cantonese, they can be good translators in Mandarin only. Mandarin is the official Chinese dialect, so it's used in formal communications. About 70% of China's population uses this dialect.
  • In some cases, the Chinese translator must also be a resident of the area in which the dialect is used. This is especially true for Shanghai, where Shanghainese is used.
  • If you're interested in traditional characters for your translations, you should check that the translator is familiar with them. However, simplified characters are more commonly used for everyday written communication.
  • In Chinese, a slight change in a single stroke could mean an entirely different thing, so it is crucial that the one providing professional translation has proven knowledge and deep understanding of the written language.
  • Spoken and written Chinese, for example, have different standards and nuances. The natives in every region have their own quirks in delivering and receiving a message as well. If your Chinese translator is not that particular with such details, there is no way he would be able to crack the codes of the language.

To get the best Chinese translation service, you must turn to real language experts. A language expert in this regard is defined as one who does not simply have the idea of what the language is but the knowledge of how it is used in the native tongue. The good thing is that such language experts are not hard to find anymore nowadays, thanks to fast and efficient translation service available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


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