A Summary of Facebook Marketing

By Stacey
Sep 10, 2012 · 2 min

Ah, marketing.



The Dreaded ‘M’ Word

When you think of marketing these days, you’ll inevitably think about social media. So you create a Facebook page for yourself and for your business, (you have, right?) and ... then what? How do you use Facebook to market your business aside from obnoxiously posting advertisements for yourself every day? Here are a few simple suggestions.

Don’t Forget the ‘Social’ Part

Make videos. People like and expect some jazz in their online experience. Content-rich blogging is essential, and photos are always nice, but a video gets people’s attention. In videos, you can demonstrate your services or products, which happy customers can then pass on to other people. Videos don’t have to be hi-tech, but they should be clear, concise, and, above all, entertaining. You don’t have to come up with a comedy routine, but don’t take yourself deadly seriously either.

Post off-peak. A lot of people can’t or don’t check Facebook at work. If all you do is post during business hours, you’ll miss these folks. Schedule some of your posts for later – in fact, using a scheduling service (such as Sendible) you can set posts to pop up at any time, even while you’re asleep. Write a few and save them for later, and see if you get more responses at an odd hour.

Involve people. People using Facebook for marketing sometimes forget the word social in social media; people like to interact. Give them the opportunity to answer a question, take a quiz, or otherwise interact with you and each other. Build a community! The more people are able to interact with you, the more likely they are to be receptive to your marketing. Contests are always popular, too, and are a lot of fun to set up and run.

Beef up that profile. No one likes a Facebook page run by a cipher. Again, the whole social thing – get in there and put in a lot of info, photos, fun stuff about yourself and your business. Don’t have everything directly relate to your business, either – let some of your private life in there. Have fun. If you’re having fun on Facebook, your customers will feel it and react positively.

Facebook isn’t a magic bullet. Like any other platform, you’ll get out of it what you put in. Don’t think you can set up a flat, static page and the calls will just roll in – you have to be involved and active. You have to be social!

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