Myths about Marketing Your Website

June 3rd, 2014

There are a lot of myths and misinformation about website marketing out there, but the simple fact is it’s always going to require effort and time.

Myths about Marketing Your Website  | One Hour Translation

No matter how you’re online business is doing, there’s always the nagging sense that you could be doing more, isn’t there? The feeling that if you just buckled down a bit and really got organised, you could be pulling in a lot more visitors than you currently are. And if you just perfected your pitch and web copy, you’d be converting a lot more of those visitors. And if you could just crack the problem of needing to sleep a little every night, you could be a millionaire! Even stipulating that being a millionaire is not what it used to be.

This sort of nagging pressure we put on ourselves is unhealthy and generates some of the worst myths of website marketing, because doubt always opens you up to believing in strange things. If we were all 100% confident in our website marketing, we wouldn’t waste so much time thinking about it. I, for example, wouldn’t be investigating new marketing ideas, but concentrating on providing the top-notch translation services that are supposedly my core business.

So, what marketing myths should you be ignoring?

The Time Myth

Anyone who tells you that marketing your website can be done in your spare time, or with up-front setup time and nothing else is lying, plain and simple. Every single effective marketing approach in the universe takes an immense amount of your time. From learning how it works to implementing and maintaining it, you’re going to be investing time into it. Concentrate on marketing that exploits your natural talents and personality, and review your strategies constantly for effectiveness.

The Easy Myth

A lot of marketing approaches are couched in pretty hyperbolic terms. They don’t just offer you a way to expose your website to more people, they guarantee overnight success. Nothing works that way. Customer bases and market presence are built slowly, one by one. In my language translation business I’ve learned that there’s a certain amount of time and effort that goes into winning every new customer, and you simply can’t remove any of it from the front end of the equation.

The One and Done Myth

Similarly, there is no such thing as ‘autopilot.’ Many marketing gurus will tell you about wondrous strategies where you put some effort in on the front end, and then the marketing just chugs along without you. Yes, videos and articles will sit out on the Internet to attract eyeballs and possibly customers, but that doesn’t mean you can simply forget them. Stale, mouldy videos and articles written three years ago don’t bring in business – they make you look out of touch.

Believe me, I wish there was a simple, no-brainer approach to website marketing that allowed me to minimise my effort without sacrificing results – but I don’t believe there is. No matter what strategies you pursue, you have to be prepared to put in constant effort.

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