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Medical Translation Services

The world functions as a global arena where information is literally passing us by in what is known as the information superhighway. All manner of material is transmitted including important medical information. In this manner, it is imperative that the correct information is relayed to doctors, patients and other vested interests. And it becomes essential that the correct translation of medical terms is undertaken to avoid potentially fatal errors. The issue of translation services crops up every time information is relayed across different geographic, linguistic or cultural lines. And it becomes vitally important that the messages being relayed from the sender to the receiver are understood, accurate and correctly interpreted. There are many reasons why a medical document may be misinterpreted. These are not confined to errors in translation only – they can be the result of myriad other factors. For example it does occur that even within the same language; errors in interpretation of content will crop up. The English used in South Africa, Australia, India, the USA and Canada differs considerably. And within each of these geographic domains, different terminology refers to the same things. Thus it is vital when international cooperation is the order of the day that accurate, contextually-correct translations are provided.

Accuracy of Medical Translations

Medical translation services can prove especially telling because they may involve many life or death snippets of information. Users of this information are often patients, doctors, surgeons, administrators and other high-level individuals – all of whom demand accuracy in the medical reports that are being submitted to them. Among the very best medical translation professionals, the ability to read a piece of information and accurately translate, edit and proof that document is paramount. There are many ways to go about selecting medical translation professionals, not least of which is opting for a translator with many years on industry-related experience. On the job experience proves paramount to the effective translation of medical material. Another factor weighing heavily into the mix is that of the software being utilized. Medical translation software should ideally be able to deal with a wide range of content, day in and day out. Terms that repeatedly appear in the text are usually managed in such a way that they can be automatically translated.

Regulation Plays a Big Role in Medical Translations

There are many medical regulatory agencies operating internationally. And each one of them has specific standards and requirements that need to be met. Within the USA, the FDA is the ranking authority. The Food and Drug Administration has established very strict standards for all matters pertaining to medical legal documents, medical charts, medical forms and so forth. The procedures, tasks and processes are clear and the professional standard is known. However when moving beyond the jurisdiction of the FDA, things are a little different. International medical bodies have very diverse standards, yet they have requirements that need to be met too. It is imperative that when translations are undertaken, they are accurate, in synch and understood as they should be.

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