Interview with OHT CEO Yair Tal: Martech Series Exclusive 

By Atara Braun
Dec 9, 2020 · 1 min
oht ceo martech interview

It's been an exciting year at OneHourTranslation! Check out the exclusive interview with our CEO, Yair Tal, and get in on the behind-the-scenes action. 

Over the past year, our company has undergone some significant changes on many levels, both internal and external. We’ve moved our headquarters to new offices in Tel Aviv, improved our branding, expanded our service offerings, and hired additional employees in all departments. But perhaps the biggest change that sparked all of this was bringing aboard OneHourTranslation's new CEO, Yair Tal. 

Yair sat down with MarTech Series to talk about the professional journey that led him to his position as OHT CEO, his vision for the company’s future, the big changes he has already made, and what’s next for him and the rest of us at OHT. Check out the full interview.

yair tal ceo one hour translation


Atara Braun is a Senior Marketing Manager at BLEND. With a love of the written language and a passion for marketing funnel optimization, she's helping up the company's marketing game. When she's not catching up on the ins and outs of multi-market expansion, Atara can be found diving into the quirks of the Romanov empire or practicing her latest adrenaline-inducing sport. Reach out to her on LinkedIn.  

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