Luxembourg and the Traveller

By Stacey
Sep 6, 2013 · 3 min

Luxembourg is an expensive but wonderful place to visit or to use as a launching point for European adventures.

I am often consulted by friends on travel arrangements and tourist destinations, partly because my business translation skills mean I am at least somewhat familiar with many cultures and can help with specific document translations of brochures or other marketing materials when vacations are planned, and partly because my research and travels have left me with a wealth of knowledge about many countries that I normally don’t get to use much.

I’ve found that random speeches about cultures are not always appreciated at cocktail parties! So I am always delighted to be able to uncork some of my hard-won knowledge to help my friends plan trips. Recently I’ve been advocating trips to Luxembourg as I’ve been investigating the country – there are a lot of great reasons to travel to Luxembourg.

Safe, Small, Scenic

Luxembourg is a tiny country located in the heart of Europe. It is, in some ways, ideal for a starting point or base of operations for your own personal invasion of Europe. For one thing, it’s a modern, prosperous country that is a member of the European Union and a signatory of the Schengen Agreement, so getting in and out of Luxembourg to other countries is easy.

For another, Luxembourg is very small and very modern, so you can easily travel all over the country by rail or bus – or driving your own car – without any difficulty, and day trips are ideal. Of course, one downside is that it is a land-locked country, so if you are coming to Europe by boat you will have to deboard and find your way to Luxembourg over land.

Finally, Luxembourg is absolutely beautiful. As a consequence of its lack of natural resources, much of the countryside is totally untouched and unspoiled, making for spectacular scenery. The cities combine some of the most beautiful old world charm and architecture – not to mention history – with the most modern infrastructures in Europe today. You literally get the best of both world in Luxembourg.

Tips for Travellers

Although Luxembourgers have their own language (Luxembourgish), unless you already know it you’d do better to have a spot of French. French is the official state language, and things like signs and official papers are all in French, so French will actually serve you better while visiting.

Because Luxembourg is now a financial capital of the world, everything is very expensive. And I mean very expensive. If you’re going to stay in Luxembourg, bring your gold and platinum cards! Some people actually book hotels over the border somewhere and commute in to tour the country, a strategy made possible by its small size.

Luxembourg is a very safe and modern place, so you won’t have more than the usual worries about crime or sickness, and if you do have any problems their police and healthcare is first-rate, so you can relax and enjoy the great food, delicious wines, and beautiful sights to your heart’s content.

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