The Localization of Video Games

By Stacey
Dec 23, 2015 · 2 min

The localization of video games is a new trend that’s increasingly on the rise.

The Localization of Video Games | One Hour Translation

The localization of video games is a new trend that’s increasingly on the rise. So what does localizing video games actually mean? It means that a video game must be adapted to the particularities of specific markets in order to meet the standards of that market; and this includes technical modifications, adaptations, and translation.

Video game users and other supporters of this technology are increasingly frustrated when new video games are released because often they’re not accompanied by localization or good translation. That’s why it’s becoming more and more important for certain steps to be taken to ensure that the final product is delivered with the same quality as the original. These steps include –


For a new product to be accepted it’s essential that all material to be localized is made known prior to starting the work; like artwork, text files, just to name a few. Translators might even try the game in the original language at this stage, in order to gain a broader perspective of what the game is actually about – meaning the story, dialogues, characters, menus, bonus material, and so on.


The localization stage can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. This amount of time will depend on certain factors, like the number of translators involved in the project, the volume of text file types, the editors involved in the project, localizers, and so on.


Many times editors don’t have programs on their computer, which is why the original developer of the game is the one who implements the text that was localized, translated, or edited. This process will generally take less than a month to be completed.

Quality Control

Once the developers have created a version of a game that can be played, the quality control of the project begins. It’s at this point that verification takes place that there are no grammatical or spelling errors, inconsistencies in text, text that doesn’t make sense, or system problems like sound and graphics, and so on.

Manufacturer’s Approval

Manufacturers employ people to verify that the contents of the localization match the needs and requirements of the original game. If it’s found that there are no specific problems with the content presented, this stage would typically take less than one month.

If you follow these steps and meet the obligations required, you should achieve optimal localization of a new video game to the satisfaction of fans.

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