Let’s Go To The Movies! The Best Translation Movies

By Stacey
Jul 22, 2015 · 2 min

Our list of thirteen great movies about translation.

Let’s Go To The Movies! The Best Translation Movies | One Hour Translation

There are movies covering everything: the movie-world has it all, whether you want to cry, laugh, solve mysteries or be scared. What if you want to see a movie that involves the line of work you’re in? Well, the movies have that too! See our list below of thirteen great movies, ranging from light and historic, funny, dramatic, mysterious and heavy. Are you comfortable, and prepared to spend an afternoon, or many, indoors?

Fresh Suicide

This is a heavy and quite dramatic movie, depicting an Indian translator working for a journalist who reports on farmers’ suicides.

The Woman with the 5 Elephants

A Ukrainian woman learns how to speak the German language in her home, in order to survive. Later German becomes her primary work and she begins translating works by the Russian novelist, Dostoevsky.

Dances with Wolves

This is a movie about the Civil War, focusing on the interpretation of conversations between an American soldier and a medicine man.


This is an inspiring documentary which takes you on a journey towards understanding the beauty and the art of translation.

The Mummy

This movie involves the translation of Egyptian ancient texts, with an added kick of adventure and mystery.

The Interpreter

This is a fabulous movie, depicting how precise interpreters must be, particularly in sensitive and dangerous settings.

Blood Diamond

If you know how to speak Krio – a language they speak in Sierra Leone, you just might get the girl!

Lost in Translation

A movie depicting hilarious misunderstandings which result from inaccurate translation from one language to another; this is a great movie directed by Sofia Coppola.


A light and funny, family movie containing language-mixing and culture-clash; including a small girl interpreting for her mother who can’t speak English.


Court Interpreters will identify with this wonderful Steven Spielberg movie.

Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty is an interesting take on the differences between regular interpreters and interpreters working for the military: a recent event that’s affected so many lives.

Desert Flower

Your life could take a completely wrong turn if you’re at a hospital bed and use an interpreter who’s unqualified.


Audrey Hepburn, beautiful and classy as always, plays the part of a United Nations interpreter in this 1963 movie directed by Stanley Donens

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