Jobs that require bilingual skills - II

By Slava
Oct 6, 2010 · 3 min
Continuing the discussion on jobs that require bi / multi lingual skills, we have seen in an earlier blog how migration has resulted in the necessity of people learning more than one language for survival. Out of the many professions that require multiple language skills, the healthcare sector has one of the maximum demands. Others include finance, tourism / hotel, social and public services, sales and marketing etc. Financial services like insurance, banks, and mortgage service providers often have to interact with the public at large. In a multilingual society like the U.S. for example employees knowing Spanish or Chinese in addition to English are preferred. They are so much in demand that some insurance companies offer additional incentives like $500 for new hires who are bilingual. Even the U.S. Department of Defense offers bonuses to those with bilingual skills. A recent survey revealed that bilingual workers earn $10,000 on the average more than monolingual ones. Accurate translation of financial documents however requires hiring professional translation service providers. Tourism is an ever growing industry and persons with bilingual skills are considered valuable for hotel, travel and allied jobs. Many jobs like travel agents, front desk workers, guides, concierges and hotel managers involve interacting with customers from home and abroad and knowing more than one language is always an asset. High end hotels and resorts in particular offer incentives to bilingual employees at the time of recruitment. Social and public services like schools, courtrooms, immigration department, etc. often require workers to be bi or multi lingual. Elementary schools located in neighborhoods with large immigrant population require teachers who are bilingual. Also many students are increasingly choosing foreign language like French; Chinese etc. as their second language in order compete globally. Teachers knowing English and the foreign language would be very helpful in such schools. Legal profession is going global with increasing trade across borders as well as international treaties and pacts. Lawyers knowing foreign language as well as international law can look forward to bright career prospects. Bilingual court reporters are in high demand in places with immigrant population. For example in Los Angeles area many cases are pending because of non availability of bilingual interpreters / translators. Accurate translation of court proceedings as well as interpretation in court rooms when one or both the parties do not know the local language is important to deliver proper justice. Professional translation service providers can be engaged for accurate translation of legal documents. Workers in immigration department need to interact with foreign customers often. Bilingual skills would prove handy in such cases. Persons working in sales / marketing department too need to be multilingual in a growing multicultural market for selling goods and services. Call center employees for example would find bilingual skill a much needed asset.

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

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