It’s a Win-Win Situation with Translation Teams

By Stacey
Nov 27, 2015 · 2 min

The main advantage of having a translation team is that when the same group of people are working on a large project and stay involved throughout the project.

It’s a Win-Win Situation with Translation Teams | One Hour Translation

A translation team is simply a group of translators, editors, and a reviewer; the number of which will depend on the size of the project. This translation team will respond to the agency’s Project Manager or Project Coordinator.

The Main Advantages of Using a Translation Team

The main advantage of having a translation team is that when the same group of people are working on a large project and stay involved throughout the project, such as a website translation, the following benefits occur –

  • The Project Coordinator or Manager is responsible for informing the translation team of any decisions, preferences, changes, deadlines, and anything else pertaining to the project, which means that the client has one single point of contact throughout the process. It’s up to this person to ask and answer any specific questions, resolve any doubts, and make any pertinent suggestions;
  • Any decisions made regarding the translation remained constant throughout the project. Obviously, there may be several ways, all correct, of translating the same text, but in this case the decisions are made and confirmed by the client so it’s essential that these rules be implemented throughout the translation project to ensure fluidity and consistency;
  • Everyone working on the project is familiar with the topic, tone, vocabulary, format and style of the text;
  • It’s much easier to discuss and resolve problems of expressions and writing in a more flexible manner, thus improving the overall quality of the translation;
  • Everyone concerned is aware of the customer’s preferences and feedback;
  • Any alterations during the process can be handled quickly and consistently.

Translation Tools

  • The translation agency will share what is known as ‘Translation Assets’, meaning the capital that the agency has to offer its clients. This might include translation memories, glossaries, and style guides;
  • And, of course, the translation team has the support of the agency with any issues relating to technology, systems, and the programs to be used, which are vital to ensure the smooth, continuous running of the computers.

So basically, translation teams definitely improve the quality of the delivered translation work, plus they shorten delivery times, particularly for large translation projects. These are perhaps the main advantages a translation agency is able to offer its clients.

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