Increase Your Productivity and Enjoy Your Job More with Feng Shui – Part Two

By Stacey
May 16, 2015 · 3 min

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects to direct a positive flow of energy.

Increase Your Productivity and Enjoy Your Job More with Feng Shui – Part Two | One Hour Translation

This article continues from Increase Your Productivity and Enjoy Your Job More with Feng Shui – Part One

By this stage you should have removed all unessential items from your desk, and filed away all paperwork and items such as pens and stationery in their appropriate places. The next step is to consider the surface of your desk and to understand that different areas of your desk represent different parts of your life.

A bagua map, such as that shown above, shows the nine areas of your desk and the corresponding areas of your life that they affect. Each area is also associated with a different colour, so you can use these to assist with placing the items around your desk. It’s important to not add too many new items to your desk, though, as clutter still needs to be avoided at all times.

Let’s look at the nine areas of your desk, referring to the bagua map above for reference.

Wealth and Prosperity

The top left corner of your desk is the area for attracting abundance and money. Consider putting a live plant in this area or something of value, such as an expensive ornament or even actual money. This is also a good spot for a computer to sit, provided that the computer runs well.

Fame and Reputation

The top centre of your desk the area that represents your reputation and fame. This is the perfect place for anything that makes you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, such as a nameplate, your business cards, your degree or diploma, or a photo of yourself at your graduation or celebrating some kind of achievement.

Love and Relationships

The top right corner of your desk symbolises love and romantic relationships. If you are single, consider putting a fresh flower in this area, which can symbolise new romance. If you are in a relationship, place a happy photo of the two of you here – something that gives you good feelings about your relationship when you look at it.


You probably knew we were going to say this, but a family photo is the perfect thing to put in the family area of your desk, which is the left centre. To increase the energy in this area of your desk, put your family photo in a wooden frame.


Health should be foremost in your mind if you have an office job, so it is very important to keep the health area of your desk (the centre position) completely free and clear of clutter.


The right centre of your desk is your creativity area, so place an item here that symbolises creativity for you. If you are an artist, consider placing a paintbrush or a sketchbook here, and if you aspire to be a writer, consider placing a bestselling book or keeping your favourite pen in this place. If you think about what creativity means to you, you will easily be able to identify the perfect item for this area.

Knowledge and Wisdom

The front left corner of your desk is the corner dedicated to knowledge and wisdom. The item you place here will depend on what knowledge and wisdom means to you. Consider placing a book or a photo of your favourite philosopher or someone who is knowledgeable in your area of expertise.


The front and centre position of your desk is dedicated to your career. This area in particular should be clutter free. Perhaps consider choosing your favourite motivational quote and displaying it nicely in this area.

Helpful People and Travel

The front right area of your desk is dedicated to helpful people and travel. In days gone by we would have suggested keeping your Rolodex in this area, so these days perhaps your mobile phone might be the best way to symbolise your list of contacts. This also doubles as the travel area, so keep a translation guide, language learning book, travel brochure or a photo of a dream holiday destination in this spot.

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