Human Translation of Video Games

By Slava
Jul 14, 2009 · 3 min
Our world is currently a world of video games. Since the 1990s, video games went through constant innovation. Almost every time, a new game is offered on the block. But marketers see one loop hole that bar video games' popularity onto going full blast: gamers from all over the world are often 'lost in translation'. This is what market observers see as the reason US-made video games cannot solicit absolute patronage in Japan and vice versa, which is also true in other parts of the world. To remedy their dilemma, professional translation came in. Professional translation offers much help in localizing video games to fit into one's unique culture and language in particular. Not too long ago, it puzzled marketers why Western-made video games that are blockbuster hits in English-speaking countries leave no trace in non-English markets. Now that they have found the answer, they cannot just let go of the one ultimate solution. That's how video game translators got more jobs by the day.Professional translation of video games has become so useful not just in marketing but more importantly, in sales. It helped video game sales grow impressively. That's because video game players do not like playing through codes. They want to have full understanding of the game instructions because they feel that's the one of the best ways they could do the well. In recent years, fan translation was the answer for players who cannot find an official translation of the games they like. Basically, video games are supplied with translation by the very fans that use them. Such form of translation is considered unofficial and is distributed for free or for very minimal costs. With the surge of Internet popularity, fan translation becomes more and more common. But do they constitute an absolute solution to the problem of translation? No. As much as fan translation is a convenient alternative to playing with little hint on how the game actually goes, it remains to be short on the quality that end-users need to learn to play the game. Professional translation remains to be the absolute choice for video gamers who want a localized version of the games available. Since it is aided by human translation, by professionals, by language experts who are particular with every detail, you can be sure that you are getting the most accurate video game translation. Although it could be more expensive than fan translation, you are assured of a high standard of quality with professional translation, definitely better than anything else. Play on!


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