How to Train Your Brain

By Stacey
Mar 14, 2015 · 3 min

We all know that we have to train our bodies to stay healthy and fit, but did you know that you can train your brain too?

How to Train Your Brain | One Hour Translation

We all know that we have to train our bodies to stay healthy and fit, but did you know that you can train your brain too? Brain training involves the completion of specific exercises that will enhance functions of your brain. These can include your memory, your attention span, and or your ability to solve problems.

Many people complain that they cannot remember things that have only happened a few minutes ago, that they struggle with phone numbers and putting names to faces. These problems can be frustrating and make us feel like we are getting older or losing our minds, but they are actually quite normal.

Brain training helps our minds to stay active and can even increase our happiness and productivity in other areas. Sometimes it is carried out, because a person wants to be smarter and have a high IQ, but brain training is more about having healthy thought patterns that will help in our everyday lives.

Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to read music and playing an instrument is one of the best ways to improve your cognitive functions. You will be engaging different areas of your brain in one activity, including following rules and systems, focusing on a task for a period of time, coordinating your body with your mind, following rhythm, and even expressing emotions. Playing an instrument is one of the most powerful ways to train your brain, because it involves, maths, creativity and physical movement in one activity.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language will change the way you think, as your brain will need to learn new linguistic systems, including grammar and vocabulary. Each language has its own values, meanings, and strategies for expressing ideas. As a language learner, your brain will need to embrace new habits and reflect on the ways it thinks already.

A language learner can progress onto translation, which even further challenges the brain as it needs to change rapidly between two or more languages at once. Translation requires concentration, knowledge and skill – and the ability to work accurately without compromising speed.

Complete Brain Training Activities

You can find brain training activities and tests in books and online. There are computer programs and apps that are designed to train and test your brain in different cognitive areas. These can be a fun way to pass time, but your brain functionality will improve at the same time. Just like any skill, brain tests and quizzes require practice before you improve.

Study Maths

Maths can be exciting, interesting and challenging. It never needs to be boring, so move on from your school days and find maths exercises that are fun and keep your brain active. Maths is everywhere in our world, so learn how to apply it to your everyday life and you will find your study more rewarding. You can either follow the activities in a book or online, or sign up to a maths subject at college or university. Start training your brain today, and notice the positive difference in your life.

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