How to Complete All Translation Projects Successfully - Part 2

By Stacey
Aug 6, 2016 · 3 min

Sometimes a translator needs to protect themselves from the outside world while they’re trying to work.

How to Complete All Translation Projects Successfully - Part 2 | One Hour Translation

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Walking away from your workspace when you’re trying to resolve a problem is sometimes not the best solution, so having little treats nearby means your train of thought doesn’t have to stop completely. That being said, though, sometimes walking away from a problem is the ideal way of resolving an issue; because the simple act of leaving the problem area allows your brain/memory to bring the answer to you. You’ll know when it’s time to walk away; you’ll also know when it’s appropriate to stay on the job and enjoy a little treat.

Prevent Distractions While You’re Working

Sometimes a translator needs to protect themselves from the outside world while they’re trying to work. Of course, these distractions don’t always come from the outside world; it’s often our own inability to concentrate for long periods of time, and thus we stray towards social media sites, like Facebook, to distance ourselves for just a few moments from the pressure of translating. Alternatively, we might pick up our phone to either check for phone calls and messages or make a quick call to a friend.

It’s at these times that our commitment to our freelance translation business comes into play, including everything we’ve learned and practiced about time management. So, if you’ve set aside (say) one hour for translating, then don’t allow the Internet or your mobile phone to tempt you: start by putting your mobile phone on silent mode, then log off all social networks. We’re all fully aware just how much time can be wasted surfing the net, and even though we tell ourselves we’re only filling in 10 minutes, half-an-hour can pass in a flash.

Use CAT Tools Whenever Possible

CAT tools can be your greatest friend when you’re dealing with big projects. We understand that some translators refuse to use CAT tools, but others believe that they’re invaluable when it comes to consistency. Consistency is vitally important and when you’re working on lengthy translations, and it’s here that CAT tools can come in handy.

Enjoy Your Chosen Career

Because you chose a career as a freelance translator, make sure that this is actually what you want to do. We all know that people who love what they’re doing are people who truly enjoy their lives, and we certainly know that loving your job makes translating a lot easier. Of course, there are always going to be other things to frustrate you, like unrealistic deadlines or the odd struggle to find an appropriate word or term, but imagine how much harder and frustrating it would be if you didn’t enjoy your job. If you can’t say that you’re truly enjoying your career as a translator, then it’s high time you did some inner work to determine what it is that would make you happy in your career. Don’t waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy!

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