Gain an Audience, Translate Ads

By Joshua
Oct 11, 2012 · 3 min

Benefits and Concerns

Some businesses choose to translate ads for the internet and even traditional publication with software and small contractors. Although this procedure works for some, the product almost always leave something to be desired. For instance, an ad campaign for a major food distributor that is extremely successful in English needs to be translated into several other languages in order to reach a broader customer base. After an improper translation, that advertisement is likely to be much less successful, and can even be damaging.

Although the prospect of a poorly translated advertisement is frightening, the prospects of a well translated ad campaign are indeed bright. With human translation services, businesses can translate their advertisements with accuracy and attention to detail. One Hour Translation provides such services in over 65 different languages. Each human translator at OneHourTranslation is a trained professional that will translate advertisements and entire marketing campaigns in detail.

Reasons for Translation

Spanish translations are necessary for businesses that have a large Spanish speaking customer base. Advertisements are important in getting the name of a company out to the public, but quite a few businesses underestimate the number of consumers which could be reached through translation. With the right translation service, advertisements in one language that were successful have a good chance of being successful in another language as well.

For companies that want to gain an entirely new audience, a translation agency which can translate a campaign into more than 50 languages is important. A broadly recognized name in several countries is likely to lead to growth in the long run. There was a day in which translation of ads into various languages was time consuming and confusing, but the new wave of translation agencies is streamlining the translation process.

Translating Small

Translating entire websites through human translation agencies is important, but a few well translated ads can do the trick as well. Since advertisements tend to contain minimal text, the price of such translations tend to be low. Any business with a simplified marketing campaign is likely to be surprised by the inexpensive process of translating such ads.

Due to the reasonable translation prices and quick speeds of human translation, the benefits of translating marketing campaigns definitely outweigh the negatives. With small translations of ads here and there, companies can gain an entirely new audience. Continually updating ads in various languages is a great way to build consumer confidence in other areas of the globe.

A good ad campaign is powerful, but the same campaign translated into 65 other languages is even more so. Consider human translation services as an integral part of a marketing strategy. Reach out to a new audience. Gain a new customer base. Increase profit. 

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Oct 3, 2016 · 3 min

The translation industry is a relatively small one but it’s also a highly competitive one. Basically, do your research on a translation agency prior to making initial contact and it will certainly pay off; perhaps not immediately because there may not be any work available at the time, so just be patient. Your application must stand out above the rest, and by following these simple steps you should have no problem whatsoever in achieving your translation goals.