Freelancers Crave Sleep

By Stacey
Apr 14, 2015 · 3 min

Time is very important to freelancers, but so is sleep. Ensure you get enough hours of shut-eye.

Freelancers Crave Sleep | One Hour Translation

If you are a freelancing translation professional you need sleep. The flexibility of your work and your demanding deadlines make you need it every more. It is too easy to think, ‘oh, I’ll just work late at night’ or ‘I’ll have to get up extra early to finish that job tomorrow’. Sleep is too easily compromised in the freelancing lifestyle.

Translation professionals need sleep because they are constantly using their minds. Even though your job may not be overly physical, your brain too needs a rest, not just your body. The more ideas that flow through your mind and the greater stress you are under at work, the more you will crave high quality and restful hours of sleep.

How Much Do You Really Need?

Science says that there is no strict amount of sleep that a human being needs. Some people require much less or much more than others. The eight hour rule is a bit of a myth, so if you find you function perfectly on six hours then there is no need to lie in for longer. Alternatively, if you feel grumpy and slow with any less than twelve hours each night, then you should value the extra time you spend in your bed.

People who require more sleep than others should never feel guilty about resting their bodies and minds for the length that they require. Sure, there are pressures in the world, if you have a business and a family, but try to make sleep a responsibility that you need to keep to. You will actually find that if you invest those extra hours in your bedroom, your family will enjoy being around you more and your work will be completed more productively. Sleep is essential, and freelancers need it to achieve optimal performance in their waking hours.

Strategies to Improve Your Sleep

The first step in improving your sleep is valuing it. Make it a priority and never feel guilty about the investment you are making for your health. If you are in doubt about the benefits, see how you feel after a few nights of great sleep, and read scientific reports about how much it can offer you.

Great sleep not only needs to be long, but high in quality too. Take all of the appliances, especially your laptop or tablet, out of the bedroom. Make your bed a place of peace and calm, not electronic disturbances. If you struggle to get comfortable, buy new sheets, declutter your room, or find the perfect pillow.

Create a wind-down routine that is carried out at approximately the same time each night. This might include having a warm shower, drinking chamomile tea, and or dimming the lights around your house. Try to think of all the things you have achieved during that day, and rest your mind. Sleep should be enjoyable and a time to find serenity and peace.

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