A Customer-Focused Approach in Web Hosting

By Stacey
May 27, 2014 · 3 min

Your web host is a vital component to your business’ success – spend a little on web hosting to get the most out of your Internet presence.

A Customer-Focused Approach in Web Hosting | One Hour Translation

Your website is essential to your online business, but it’s only going to work for you if it’s online, and reliably accessible. This might seem like a very obvious statement, but I am constantly amazed at my peers in the translation industry and other freelance or sole-proprietor folks who limited their research regarding web hosts to finding the cheapest possible solution. Then they complain about the constant down-time on their sites, the endless problems with every aspect of it, from email to updating content to slow load times, and never seem to make the connection between these problems and the fact that they essentially went with the lowest bidder on their web hosting project.

My advice? Think about more than saving a few pennies. Your web host has to be customer-focused, and that means they have to be more than just a “server farm” soaking up as many monthly billing cycles as possible. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a reliable web host for your business’ website.

Individual Attention

Many cheap web hosts cram as many websites onto their servers as possible. Especially when you’re using their bargain-basement hosting plans, you might be living on a server with hundreds of other websites, all sharing a single pipeline to the Internet (I’ll try to keep the technical terms to a minimum here so you won’t need Geek translation services). What this means is that access to your site may be slow, and when you have problems your technical support may be distracted by a dozen other people calling him at the same time.

How can you tell? The main tip-off that you’re getting awful technical support is the endless recitation of basic scripts. If your tech support continuously suggests the same simple solutions that have already been shown to not work, they’re likely working from a script – and likely don’t have any real knowledge or experience to offer you. It’s time to spend a little more and get a better web host.

Mystery Ailments & Control Issues

Does your website “disappear” sometimes? Take a very, very long time to load? Is it very difficult to make simple changes? Then your web host is running old hardware and software on their end, and you’re paying the price. In the modern age you should have easy direct access to your content. You shouldn’t be forced to use their awful web-based interface if you know how to use an FTP application and can roll your own code.

Control is the main issue here: You need to be able to easily add or subtract services. If you want to set up a WordPress blog, can you do so without jumping through hoops? The less control you have over your site, the less useful it is – and the more money you’re wasting. That’s when you know it’s time to find a better web host.

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