Chinese Etiquettes and Translation

By Slava
Jul 7, 2010 · 2 min

The world and art of translation is so huge that it really becomes difficult for us to find the start and the end of it. From language translation like Italian translation, German translation, Spanish translation to business translation, document translation and medical translation everything is there and with a professional view in Chinese etiquettes to sooth the needs of the customers. It is an accepted fact that the involvement of proper business translation is much more important than just replacing those words and what is more important is that the message always needs to be conveyed with proper meaning. There should be the least possible deviation from the original and source file and therefore it is very much important to understand everything from the clients point view. Now, finally when it comes to the Chinese etiquettes of translation, the first thing which they take into consideration is the nature of translation: whether they are of good quality or not, whether they actually satisfy the needs of the customers or not and finally whether they are meant to be considered or not. Depending on the need, the experienced and professional translators tailor to the Chinese translation in writing and that too by incorporating the distinct linguistic nuances. In fact they basically one of the two character systems which can either be traditional or simplified. In addition to all the factors mentioned above, one must also look into the much needed factors described below:

  1. The first thing is the quality of the service which is a must for every translation firm as because it is the quality of service which is the prime factor to earn customer footsteps into the premise.
  2. The second most important thing is the delivery time and Chinese are just perfect for that. Until and unless a work is delivered on time, it can never satisfy the customers.
  3. The third thing which is most crucial in this regard is to get the things done from a reader’s point of view and not from a writer’s point of view.
  4. The application of translation generally finds the area of operation in developing countries and therefore it is a must that the language should be very much simple.
  5. The translator should have high professional sense and should be a master in his filed as because it is their work only, which in the long run goes on to satisfy the clients and keep holding them.

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