Checklist for Buyers of Translation Service

By Slava
Jul 28, 2009 · 3 min
To find an efficient and fast translation service that would be able to deliver the results that you need when you need them is the basic first step towards availing of professional translation. Before you rush into discussing all about deadlines and costs, however, you need to prepare your materials first. Your translation service provider must have a clear view of your specifications along with your source documents to kick start the project in the proper angle. Here's a helpful guideline on what is needed from the buyer's end of the translation service:
  • Thorough Briefing. It is important that you tell your translation service provider what you will need the document for, for what specific market, and whatever resources you can provide. This way, you will be able to give your translator a quick view on the kind of job he is up to. Establishing your goals for obtaining professional translation service and the kind of market you are dealing with would give your translator a better understanding of the style, specifications, and standard he must confer with. Also, provide him with any kind of resources -- glossaries, terminology databases - that you could to help him deliver a better output. It's not as if you are required to but you would help a lot in the delivery of the most excellent results by doing so.
  • Any background information that you could provide your translator would be useful and relevant to the brand of output you will get. So, be generous. Although your translator is supposed to know everything about the language he is dealing, he can not do so much about the tone and style he would need to use to help your document effectively communicate the message.
  • Open Communication. Always be ready to be contacted by your translator for any queries related to the project. If you think you are not the most reliable and helpful resource person that could give him vital information he will need, refer him to someone who is. It is important that an open line of communication is established between the buyer and the translation service provider. In this case, any confusion about the text or document to be translated would be enlightened.
The decision to avail of a translation service and finding someone who will provide you with efficient professional translation are just part of the process. They do not represent the whole process of translation. A great part of useful human translation includes you as the buyer. Yes, you play a pretty big role in this. As much as language experts are skilled in professional translation, they can not possibly adopt the company's style of communication without being taught. Keeping your translator well-informed on the specifications of the professional translation project would make a huge impact on the kind of outcome you can expect.


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