Careers in the Hindi Language

April 12th, 2013

Due to its official status and growing popularity around the world, speaking Hindi is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative linguistic skills in today’s economy.

Explosive Growth

About 350 million people officially speak Hindi as their first language, most located in India itself. However, this only tells part of the story. Just about everyone in India speaks a little Hindi, and many people outside the country understand Hindi to some degree. Taking all of these broad definitions together, nearly a billion people in the world understand and speak Hindi to some degree.

And that does not even count speakers of Urdu, which is practically the same language!

It’s easy to see how Hindi is quickly becoming a huge opportunity, both for translation professionals and people in general. There are a lot of reasons why Hindi represents a huge amount of career opportunities beyond sheer numbers – though the numbers, of course, don’t hurt!

Official Status

First and foremost, Hindi is the official language of the Indian government, and all of its official business is conducted in Hindi. This alone creates a tremendous amount of opportunity for Hindi speakers to get jobs working for or with the government. At the same time, India remains a country that speaks many different languages and dialects, and so knowing Hindi also makes you much more valuable throughout the region as an interpreter, translator, or simply as a liaison in business who is capable of dealing with both government and local elements.

The Entertainment Industry

Hindi’s official status and the huge number of people who speak it to some degree also means there are many, many career opportunities in the arts and media in India and around the world that target Hindi speakers. From scripting to production, editing and media processing jobs to broadcasting and content delivery, the entertainment industry and other aspects of the media such as journalistic endeavours all require Hindi speakers, translation services pros, and other jobs.

Information Technology

Finally, due to its official nature, Hindi has made real progress in the information technology sector, with more and more software being written natively in Hindi, and more and more software developed elsewhere requiring translation into Hindi. Information technology alone represents a tremendous career opportunity for those who speak Hindi!

Hindi is poised to become one of the most important languages in the world. Those who have a comfort level and skill level in Hindi will be well positioned to take advantage of this in coming years.

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