The Benefits of Business Translators

By Slava
Sep 15, 2009 · 3 min
Although many other languages can presently take the claim of being international languages in their own right, English remains an influential and global tongue that spreads its influence across matters like politics, trade and commerce, and entertainment. Then again, in contrast to what many westerners think, it's not the world's most widely spoken language any longer. Chinese, Arabic, French, and Spanish share the throne with English as languages that the majority of the planet understands. On that note, in the world of commerce, it has become a prerequisite to use business translators—professional translation experts that can do extensive translation services between people of differing languages and cultures—to conduct deals, contracts, and correspondences.Reasons for Using TranslatorsEven though a lot of businessmen share a common language, using translators as their personal human translation assistants is still preferable to them for a number of important reasons. To be more specific, they provide the following benefits:
  • As trained professional translation experts, translators are responsible for guaranteeing that communication between two or more parties is as comprehensible and unambiguous as humanly possible.
  • A translation service agent allows you to communicate your message in a better and briefer manner. That's the true essence of having a "human translation" agency; comprehensibility without limiting your own ability to communicate.
  • A translator helps decrease the chances for misunderstandings, faux pas, breaches in local etiquette, and other unknowable cultural gaffes. They can also assist in avoiding cross-cultural disparities because they serve as guides during such issues.
  • A translator can help you formulate the best responses or answers, especially when undergoing business negotiations.
  • A sufficiently briefed and perceptive translator can even assist you in company presentations by using his linguistic expertise to help you communicate your proposal or plan better.
Translator GuidelinesTo make good use of your translator, you'll first have to consider several crucial rules and recommendations prior to actually utilizing his translation and interpretation services:
  • Brief your translator about who, what, when, and where you'll be corresponding for a business deal or negotiation. Tell him the potential awkward situations that may occur, the terminology that will be used, the matters that will be discussed, and who you're meeting with (their nationality, the language that they know, where they come from, and so forth).
  • Tell your translator during the briefing period your goals for your upcoming presentation; don't keep him in the dark on what strategy you will use to get the upper hand in the ensuing negotiations. Outline your translator's agenda as well.
  • If you're about to do some public speaking, it's prudent to ask your translator if he understands the terminology and language being used in the speech you want to be translated.
In any case, the best way to fully utilize translators is to view them as more than just linguistic assistants. They are actually more like valued partners who'll work with you to overcome the language barrier by giving recommendations on cross-cultural differences, formulating business strategies, and helping in many other areas such as organization.

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