10 Most Useful Tools for Freelance Translator

By Slava
Dec 10, 2009 · 3 min

A freelance translator is a person who takes up language translation assignments from various sources and delivers it to his or her clients on time. He or she must be either a master of various languages or must have all the tools at hand for carrying out such linguistic translations on a daily basis. There are various tools on the web, present there to help such freelance translators and to make their job easier. These tools may be available to them for free or the softwares may charge them. Through these tools, the freelance translators are able to carry out their job and deliver their work to their respective clients on time.

  1. Desktop Translators are a rage amongst freelance translators these days, they are easy to use and are able to translate a lot of material in one go. In fact at times it can translate even whole word documents.
  2. The Clipboard Translators are for those who have a pretty handy work of translating short sentences or phrases from time to time.
  3. Chat Translators are helpful to those who carry out their entire work of freelance translations on the web. When they stay in touch with their clients through chat most of the times, they may face language restrictions. Using chat translators, they would be able to understand their client’s instructions well and thus follow them with ease and produce an effective translated copy.
  4. Translation Accelerator for Web is a tool which provides quick translation of entire web pages within seconds. They are very useful for freelance translators as it becomes very easy for them to do their work in this way.
  5. Free Translation web sites are a blessing in disguise for all the freelance translators. These web sites are absolutely free, user friendly as well as very clear in their translation antics. There are rarely any loop holes in their translations and are thus very popular amongst the most online translators.
  6. Widgets are kind of applications which can be embedded into any web site, blog or any social networking account. Similarly, Translation widgets are those applied tools which help for instant translations.
  7. These days, one of the handiest, quick and popular tools in the kitty of freelance translators are Translation Applications for Mobiles. Since a mobile stays with you all the time, a freelance translator can carry his or her work any where with its help. This makes the best utilization of time for such freelance translators as they have to handle oodles of work on a daily basis.
  8. Translation Toolbars are another big help for freelance translators to make their work as quick as possible. These toolbars carry all widgets and shortcuts for the freelance translator and thus help him do his work efficiently.
  9. Social Networking Translation Applications are meant for those who have a decent knowledge of almost all languages but need quick fix help when they sit down to translate their client’s projects while managing social networking with the clients.

Translation Platinum Clubs specialize in translations and have an option for specialized dictionaries too. Again, it maintains the document formatting and that is why is so preferred.

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