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Just like in every field, the accuracy and value of a translated document is greatly enhanced when a native speaker has worked on it. By employing only native writers to work on your documents, we ensure exactly that. Financial documents involve data that is extremely sensitive and confidential for many organizations. We offer you services with confidentiality and trust so that you can stay assured that your private data is safe with is.

In today’s world of increasing globalizations, it is no surprise that financial institutions want to cross borders and be present in all the major nations of the world. The major barrier they face while doing that is language. That is where we come in. We can proudly say that we have, over the years, helped a lot of institutes and organizations achieve their goals and we are confident that we’ll treat your projects with the same commitment and dedication that has made us the most trusted translation service
provider in the world!

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We pride ourselves in being the fastest translation service of the world. Even better for you is the fact that you can easily monitor how much time is left before you can receive your translated document. This means you can accordingly plan your other activities while our experts are working on your documents.
High Quality
Needless to say, we have been delivering the best translation services ever since we started. Delivering quality translation services has been our priority since day one which is the major reason why our services are trusted and utilized by leading brands around the world. We have our own and patented real-time translation review system which ensures that any mistakes are caught and corrected before the final work is delivered to you.
From $ 0.149$ 0.149 per word
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We make it easy for you to calculate your expenses. We charge per word of the source document. We charge you nothing extra even though our staff has to work hard not only to manage the translation projects but also to cater for the urgent translations, including those that are required over the weekend or include uncommon languages.

Translation of Financial Documents

Since we have experts from various fields, catering to your demand of different types of documents is not a problem. We have expertise in translating following types of documents

•Annual reports

•SEC-required reports

•Income statements

•Balance Sheets

•Cash Flow Statements

•Auditor's reports

•Government tax reports

•Financial reporting guidelines

•Business Plans


•Private and Public Offerings

•Insurance related documents

Trusted by Worldwide Brands

“As our business boomed practically overnight, financial translation was the key to our success in the global market. Once we started communicating the value of our products to foreign customers in their native language, our international sales skyrocketed because our clients appreciate being able to access information in their own language. Without the accurate and lightning speed financial translation by One Hour Translation, we would have missed a lucrative business opportunity. Instead, we expanded into new markets and increased sales.”

David Pinchon

Languages we translate to

Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and

64 more languages.

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About One Hour Translation

Translation Ever since we started providing translation services, our name has been famous for quality work and fast delivery. Moreover, the customers are billed on a fixed price rate which depends on the number of words in the source document. We offer financial services for more than 73 languages. The vastness of our services can be judged from the fact that we can fulfill your translation needs for over 2000 language pairs. This makes us a big force in the translation industry and with our experience, reputation and motivation; we become the number one financial translation service in the world!

Financial Transcription Service

It happens quite often that clients have their material in some other medium such as audio and video. To cater for such clients, we provide financial transcription services. Our professionals can decipher various different accents expertly and are able to transcribe the audio or video into a polished document. Financial transcription services include, but are not limited to,

•annual meetings •business surveys •consultant reports •interim results •interviews •sales reports •company reports •seminars •webinars

Be it the minutes of your recent meeting, presentation of a feasibility report or a recorded talk with a professional, we are always at your service!

Privacy and Confidentiality

We treat our clients with complete confidentiality. In addition to that, all our translators sign an NDA before starting work with us. Also, we can even accommodate your special requests if you have any. Kindly reach us through the Contact Us form.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We are a completely legal and authentic translation service provider. Our translation certificate is accepted by all the US courts around the country.

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