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Human Translation API

API v2 is released with many new features. This API is still supported but for new API implementations please visit the Translation API v2 documentation

One Hour Translation's API, provides direct interface to professional translation services by more than 15,000 translators.

Advantages of the Professional Translation API

  • Fast - no need to login, upload files etc. Your text will be sent directly from your content management system and you will receive the translated text back again.
  • Cost effective - No additional burden on your staff. Your staff can focus on their work and they do not have to deal with sending email or uploading files.
  • Easy to use - As soon as implementation is complete the content is automatically sent for translation, and the translated text is automatically sent back to your content management system.
  • High volume, high capacity - One Hour Translation's API is backed by One Hour Translation's community of more than 10000 professional translators. One Hour Translation's API allows any amount of text to be translated, so if you are a blogger or a news distribution agency you can use our API to translate your text.

Why One Hour Translation API?

One Hour Translation is the web's leading professional translation agency with a community of more than 10000 professional translators and more than 57 supported languages.
We provide 24/7 professional translation services with the fastest turnaround in the market. With One Hour Translation's API you will be able to translate your content directly from your content management system without any burden on your staff.
Following a quick implementation by your developers, One Hour Translation's professional translators community will be able to immediately translate any any amount of text as soon as it is posted on your system.

Who can benefit from the API?

The API is especially useful for customers with high content volume such as financial firms, new media companies, advertising agencies, commercial blogs, ecommerce sites aand other content generators. The translation API is currently used for:

  • Ecommerce website translation
  • SEO firms and SEO oriented websites
  • iPhone & iPad application translation
  • Android application translation
  • Blog translation
  • CMS translation

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