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Perhaps you’re familiar with the expression that doctors make the worst patients – well, I’m here to tell you that translators make the worst translation services clients, as well. If you’re in the language translation business and you’ve ever been hired by a peer to translate their website into another language, then you know what I’m talking about: We all think we know best, even when we’re not working in our familiar language pair. ... Continue

Multilingual Website - One Hour Translation

In today’s day and age, no matter what business you’re in, you have to have a web site. If you don’t have a web site for your business, you likely have no burning need to be successful, or you’re that rare bird who started a business long ago and has such a rabid following you have no need to advertise or to have a modern web presence. ... Continue


Because being bi-lingual or tri-lingual wasn't exactly a core strength of this rather small startup, it turned to One Hour Translation, a professional translation service that focuses on helping businesses prepare products for international markets. ... Continue

Currently we do not provide SEO services, but only translation. You are welcome to see more information regarding our Website Translation solutions here. ... Continue

To receive a quote for website translation you may either: 1. Put the WeST code on the site – this is the fastest and easiest way. WeST will automatically remove duplicates from the count thus reducing translation cost. Get the code here. 2. Send us the source files of the site for counting in any format you have. 3. Send us the number of words you need to translate. ... Continue

Yes. We provide website translation service to thousands of customers worldwide, including the world's leading companies. We have several attractive solutions for translating your website – easily and professionally: Option 1: Simply send us files with your website text and get them back in your desired target languages. Option 2: WeST – An advanced solution for localizing your website, and continuously maintaining it in several languages. To join WeST – click here. ... Continue has Partnered with the One Hour Translation , the largest professional translation service online,  to reach customers in their native languages. ... Continue

InContext™ technology lets you perform the translation within the original context, thus improving overall translation quality and speed. InContext is integrated with WeST™ (Website Translation), to allow you to translate on the webpage itself. Using InContext, you can see the original text and its context, thus allowing for a better translation ... Continue

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The One Hour Translation's InContext™ technology allows translators to translate within the correct context, thus guaranteeing high quality translation. ... Continue