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The Internet is your gateway to the world market, but how many potential customers are you losing because they don’t speak your language? Our huge community of translation professionals – 15,000 certified and experienced experts and growing – can translate your web site into as many languages you want, with localised expertise and in-context work to ensure your design and message carry through seamlessly. ... Continue

Website Translation (WeST(tm)) allows easy professional translation of any website. Below are the steps to get your site translated to any language  ... Continue

One Hour Translation

In this issue: New - Native support for all major file types Send season’s greetings with the updated Compliments mobile application Special Christmas offer from WhiteSmoke ... Continue

  Leore Jacobs, Product Manager at BlueSnap is in charge of the product translation and localization. ... Continue

Most popular languages for e-commerce website translation are Spanish Latin-America and French, followed by German according to the 2012 translation report by One Hour Translation. ... Continue

Ariel Hochstadt, VP of Marketing at Talks about his translation needs and the solution One Hour Translation provided MapAtlas ... Continue

According to One Hour Translation the introduction of Google Panda has caused web content translations to sky-rocket. Websites now need to offer content that is relevant and unique. ... Continue

NICOSIA, Cyprus, June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- One Hour Translation announced today that the results of a study measuring how many Fortune 500 companies offer translated content online. The data from the study was particularly alarming, given that 70% of people using the Internet are not native English speakers. Specific data pointing to the lack of alternative languages, including Spanish, the second most common language in the US, indicates not only potential revenue losses, but in some industries such as pharmaceutical firms and healthcare companies, a possible safety and health risk. ... Continue

NICOSIA, Cyprus, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- One Hour Translation announced today that they have an agreement whereby Conduit will be using One Hour Translation's proprietary platform to manage the thriving company's increasing demand for human translation services. ... Continue

Nearly half (48%) of Fortune 500 companies do not translate online content, according to a new study by One Hour Translation, a global translation service. The study was based on an analysis of online content from Fortune 500 companies. ... Continue